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slag. Bartosz Zmarzlik for Interia: Sorry to fans and Stal. Hope the second poor performance like that never gets repeated

slag.  Bartosz Zmarzlik for Interia: Sorry to fans and Stal.  Hope the second poor performance like that never gets repeated

Dariusz Ostafiński, Interia: What happened on Sunday in Gorzów? In my opinion, I was surprised by the course, which was not as usual. As a result, you are losing your starts and not driving the optimal paths at a distance.

Bartosz Zamarzík, My Bermuda Stali Gorzów highway racer: I don’t like to explain the path so let me say we lost the match and you have to draw the correct conclusions from it and quickly forget it.

What did it feel like when a guy like Matthews Udnicki was riding in front of your back, and in no way were you able to get past him.

Świdnicki was going well, was walking fast, and there was nothing I could do with it. I made errors in the hardware regulations. At one point I encountered such a checkered streak and instantly threw me to the right. This was a result of poor organization.

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I brought a zero into the house and lost to the little guests.

And now this happened to me. This my performance was very volatile. However, this is due to the fact that everyone wants to win, and no one will award points for free. And if we add the fact that it was not my day, everything will become clear. I take it on my chest. Sorry fans, sorry Stal Gorzo. I hope this performance will not be repeated this season.

You must be exaggerating this apology. Not that I’m your lawyer, but you’ve got your team out of trouble many times before. Nobody is a machine.

I agree with that. No one is a machine, everyone has the right to have a bad day. You cannot speak badly of someone, because he has failed once or twice. Sometimes it is necessary to wait for a longer period of time and judge the overall performance. On the other hand, I have my ambitions, the fans have their expectations, so I repeat that I take them on my chest and apologize.

By the way, the audience may be angry at the result, but not at the scene, because there was a lot of emotion.

And that’s beautiful. We sometimes forget that sport comes with surprises, and that everything just doesn’t go quite as well. I would say, let’s be happy and not complain, because in the end it will be the whole season that counts, not this match.

I will return to the topic from the first question, that is, about the path. How surprised you? Szymon Woźniak said you came home after a long absence and it was evident.

It was a bit like that, because we played our sixth game, and only second in Gorzo. We missed the competition on our home soil. However, I would like to stress once again that this is not an excuse for failure. We cannot do that. You get to start working and keep working on improving it. On the other hand, there is no point in falling into pessimism, because we have not ignored anything. In recent days, we tried our best to prepare ourselves properly. We didn’t quite manage it, because we lost, because we didn’t behave well on Sunday. I hope we don’t repeat it again, and after the next matches we won’t have to explain ourselves.

You have two more home games ahead, with Apator and Unia. This is an opportunity to recover from this failure.

It is true. I hope these two meetings are successful. We are now preparing for that. We want to be 100% ready and hope everything is fine this time. Like I said, accidents happen, but it’s important to be in black overall.


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