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slag. Cegielski on the words of the son-in-law and the departure of Zmarzlik. “I know what’s behind the scenes and I know it just kept growing”

slag.  Krzysztof Cegielski on Janowski and Zmarzlik: It has gone too far and may end badly [WYWIAD]

I know a little behind the scenes and in my opinion there was no interest in this most important leader. Certain things grew between Bartek and Stal – Krzysztof Cegielski, a graduate of this club, says about Bartosz Zmarzlik’s departure from Stal Gorzów.

Jaroslav Galewski

Krzysztof Siegelski

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Krzysztof Cegielski

Jaroslaw Galewski, WP SportoweFakty: Commenting on Bartosz Zmarzlik’s departure from the club, Counselor and former President of Stal Jerzy Synowiec said, “Most of the players who left Stal are back here, but unfortunately only as spectators. I’m thinking here about Krzysztof Cegielski, who is back in a wheelchair. “. Many fans, journalists and experts found these words outrageous. What do you think as one of those affected?

Krzysztof Siegelski, Responsible for Stahl Gorzow, Former Player: I’m not angry and I don’t think any limit has been crossed. I was not offended either, because in fact, almost everything is true. I know very well how my career ended. Perhaps only my return to Gorzow is not quite right, because I came from here, but I have never returned and there is no indication that I will. However, I would like to note that I am clearly proud to be a resident of Gorzow.

How do you deal with these words?

I know Jerzy Sinovic very well. I can even say I owe him a lot and at this point I’m referring to my youth driving times. In fact, I can only speak positively of it, because that was my experience. Besides, I totally understand that he is a patron with sharp and interesting language. His opinions can be controversial. I visited Gorzów recently and thus realized what the weather was like after Bartek announced his decision. I know how much is said about it. I even discussed this topic after the match with the chiefs of Gondor and Son Jr. It was then that I realized that the bitterness is enormous. So I thought it was time to start defending Bartik a little bit.

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Many fans cannot understand Bartosz Szmirzlik’s decision. In their opinion, the world in which he lived twice in Gorzow had everything, and therefore they did not get arguments about the desire for new development and challenges.

Of course, Bartek developed in Stal Gorzów and thanks to Stal Gorzów. There is no doubt to me that the coach, the presidents, the sponsors, the city and the fans have certainly supported him in this development. However, it must be remembered that the club also benefited from it. Bartek has been used in every smallest work that Stal organized. It was a win. If we think about the way fans think, it can be hard to accept his words about the will to evolve and the need for new challenges.

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I have the impression that Bartosz Smarzlik unnecessarily included in his statement a sentence that he would not leave it for the money.

In this case, full consent. This immediately put the discussion on the wrong track. Bartik did not go to Lublin, because suddenly something terrible happened in Gorzow. I know a little behind the scenes and remember the conversations I had with him and his family. That’s why I think some themes have piled up.

the meaning?

Sometimes it happens that the fee is not treated like the motorcyclists who go to the team from the outside. Zmarzlików’s team has struggled the hard way for some time. He was the best, pulling the wagon, and the ones who came in were sometimes getting better contracts. It was the beginning of the distance between us and Stahl. However, there were other signs as well, which I expected would end with a departure. In my opinion, there was no need to take care of this most important leader who lived his life.

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What are the signs, in your opinion, that heralded the departure of Zumrazlik from Stahl?

I think we all remember the situation when CEO Marek Grzeb knocked Bartik to the ground for his actions to Orlin. It was then that the famous phrase “You can forgive and not forget” was said. This is one example where certain things are built into interpersonal relationships. This quote illustrates it well. For me, it was already a sign that he might leave someday.

However, do you have the impression that such statements by Jerzy Sinovic will reassure Zmerzlik that he has done a good job and will not facilitate his return?

They certainly won’t help. Bartek, fans of Gorzów and people associated with Stal must soften the emotions. Honestly, I’ve missed a joint press conference in recent days. Everything was imposed by the media and there were statements by the club and the players. In my opinion, it would have been better to announce it without delay. Now there is a lot of talk about it and I have the impression that in a moment someone will say that Bartik did nothing for Stahl. After all, there were slogans that Bartik was there, and there were no titles, which were won by those who were not.

Jerzy Sinwick said Zmarzlik isn’t serious because council members bought him the rights to the Grand Prix in Gorzow, and he left.

It’s all true that it was for Partek, but also thanks to Partek. Perhaps the imagination of the management of the club and the city has run out. Perhaps we should have asked the rider what he thought of it and whether he would ride here, because we are buying the rights to stage the Grand Prix. Besides, some people forget one point.

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We are dealing with an eminent person. Now there are different people talking about Partek, but none of us were good enough to make it happen. And I can assure you that these people are unique and sometimes make decisions that seem completely incomprehensible to others. These are outstanding individuals who go their own way. As in the right track. It is worth keeping in the back of your head the idea that such a person might perceive something that we consider irrational differently.

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