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slag. Double Kolejarz with no chance in Poznan. Ron Holt Champion of Scorpions

slag.  Double Kolejarz with no chance in Poznan.  Ron Holt Champion of Scorpions

SpecHouse PSŻ defeated Pozna Bedmet OK Kolejarza Opole 52:38 in the fourth round of the Speedway II League. The result for the guests would have been better, had it not been for the absence of Pontus Aspegren and the sudden decision of the guest coaching team before the meeting.

Simon Michalsky

Ron Holt

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Malec / Pictured: Ron Holta

Only on match day it became clear that Ron Holta, who suffered so much last week during the match in Rzeszow, will play against Bidmit Oak Collegues Opole. However, seasoned rival SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań supported on the first day of May and thanks to him Skorpions could enjoy the victory by 52:38.

On the other hand, the guests began the meeting in Poznan with Pontus Espegrin in the team, but the Swede never appeared under the bar and was substituted from the regular and tactical reserve. Most likely, this is the result of falling out in the qualifying round for the SEC Challenge.

However, it is surprising that in such a situation, the coaching staff of Bedmet OK Kolejarza did not decide to replace the player Andrei Kudryazzov, which the regulations allow. This would give Opole residents a greater range of possibilities when applying changes.

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Then, among other things, Karol Baran would not have to participate in three races, as he looked terrible. Three zeros for the name of an experienced player that you are not proud of. The 41-year-old was almost behind his rivals, which posed a huge problem for the Colleggers in the absence of a senior.

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From the start, SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna players, who first developed an advantage and then retained it, presented themselves better. Tomasz Bajerski’s charges came out well from under the bar, which was a big help, because the Pozna oval was not conducive to long-distance combat.

Words of appreciation go back to Francis Ghosts. The young Latvian was incredibly fast, and his only defeat was on the nominated round. There is no doubt that the move to PSŻ was a turning point.

On the guest side, each rider had a weaker track. Adrian Cypher rode the checkered box, and Oscar Polis didn’t write any “three” in his name. The lack of Pontus Aspgren or the player substitution of Andrei Kodriazzo was evident, which would certainly help the Obol residents to get more points from Poznan.

In the end, SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna won by 52:38. On the other hand, the Bedmet OK Kolejarz players have something to think, as they came out pale in comparison to the main candidate to be promoted to the back of PGE Ekstraliga.

punctuation marks:

SpecHouse PSŻ Poznan – 52 points
9. Kasper Gomolsky – 8 + 1 (0.1.2 *, 2.3)
10. Ron Holta – 11 + 1 (2 *, 3.3, d, 3)
11. Robert Schmeel – 5 (3,2,0, -, -)
12. Kevin Favre – 2 + 1 (1 *, in, 1, -)
13. Jonas Seifert-Salk 9 (2,3,0,3,1)
14. Francis Justus – 13 (3,3,3,3,1)
15th. Damien Ratajzak – 4 + 2 (2*, 1.1*, 0)

Bidmit Oak Collegiate Opole – 38 points
1. Pontus Aspigrin – (-, -, -, -)
2. Carol Baran – (0,0,0, -, -)
3. Oscar Police – 7 + 1 (2,1,1*,2,1,d)
4. Adrian Cypher – 10 (1,3,2,1,3,0)
5. Jacob Thorsell – 12 (3,2,0,3,2,2)
6. Peter Schlubeck – 1 (1.0, -, 0)
7. Jacob Krausek – 8 + 3 (1*, t, 2.2*, 1*, 2)

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Running after running:
1. (67.50) Shmiel, Polis, Krausek, Gomolsky – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (66.93) Ghosts, Ratajzak, Klobach, Krause (R) – 5:1 – (8:4)
3. (67.50) Thorsel, Sv. Salk, Dawn, Aries – 3:3 – (11:7)
4. (67.22) Ghosts, Holta, Cypher, Schluback – 5:1 – (16:8)
5. (67.06) Cyfer, Chmiel, Polis, Fajfer (in) – 2:4 – (18:12)
6. (67.37) Seifert Salk, Thorsel, Ratajzak, Aries – 4: 2 – (22:14)
7. (67.68) Holta, Krausek, Gomolsky, Thorsel – 4: 2 – (26:16)
8. (67.62) Ghosts, Cypher, Polis, Seifert Salk – 3:3 – (29:19)
9. (67.81) Holta, Gomolsky, Cypher, Aries – 5:1 – (34:20)
10. (67.68) Thorsel, Krausek, Favre, Shamel – 1:5 – (35:25)
11. (68.05) Cyfer, Gomólski, Ratajczak, Chlupac – 3:3 – (38:28)
12. (67.00) Ghosts, Polis, Krausek, Ratajczak – 3:3 – (41:31)
13. (67.12) Sev. Salk, Thorsel, Polis, Holta (D) – 3:3 – (44:34)
14. (67.87) Gomolsky, Krausek, Gusts, Polis (D) – 4: 2 – (48:36)
15th. (67.12) Holta, Thorsel, Sievert Salk, Cypher – 4: 2 – (52:38)

viewers: about 4000
Judge: Paweł Michalak

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