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slag. Eagle leader supports the decision to cancel the match in ód

slag.  Eagle leader supports the decision to cancel the match in ód

The canceled eWinner meeting of the first motorcycle racing league between Orzeł Łódź and ROW Rybnik was one of the main topics of the first weekend of the league in Poland. It turned out that one of the hosting players supported the referee’s decision.

Konrad Senkowski

Luke Baker

WP SportoweFakty / Adrian Skorupski / Pictured: Luke Becker

It all started on Saturday around 1 p.m., when ROW Rybnik posted a video on social media showing the status of Woody’s track. He did not seem optimistic and even after that the first votes emerged about the possibility of canceling the match.

Less than an hour later, there was information that the meeting in ód was postponed for 90 minutes and instead of 4:30 p.m., it would start at 6 p.m. At that time, the hosts had to prepare a safe track for the race.

A few minutes passed and news of the match being canceled appeared on social media Canal + Speedway and on the profile of this station’s fast track boss Marcin Majewski. This led to a lot of informational chaos, as there is no official announcement about it.

Watch the video explaining the changes to the regulations ahead of the 2022 season

In the end, the match didn’t really take place. Soon the residents of Lodz issued a letter in which the honorary president of the club, Wielding Skrzydlowski, made no secret of his indignation at the situation and accused the television of lying. The activist added that it is the television that does not want to hold a match at six in the evening, in addition to the fact that the club constantly reported on social media about the path on which the sun was shining.

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Skrzydlewski also made clear comments in Monday’s interview with WP SportoweFakty. – It is known that the matches were officially canceled by the referee, but let’s face it, because we know very well that it is about something else. Already the GKSŻ statement, which has appeared on the Internet, indicates that something must be done by leaving this meeting at 6 pm. He said we didn’t make it.

A comment was also made on the matter by the Motorsports Major Sporting Commission, which said there might be a slight misunderstanding with the track commissioner, who was due to take words on the possibility of delaying the match by an hour and a half. However, the track was not judged appropriate to drive during any of the jury’s meetings.

On Sunday, the vote on, inter alia, the accusations of a Lodz activist was taken by the CANAL + Polska editorial office. In the statement, we read that the accusations against the TV crew were scandalous, because they had not decided to cancel the matches. It was announced that a letter would be sent to PZM with a request to withdraw the consequences against the club’s authorities.

It turns out that the judge and jury’s decision to cancel the meeting is supported in several ways including one of the leaders of Orzel Łódź – Luke Becker, quoted on Twitter by journalist Mateusz Kędzierski.

“Honestly, the track looked good from a distance, but up close it wasn’t very colorful. It’s good that the match was called off” – told Becker, who watched the match between Betard Sparta Wrocław and For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń on Sunday evening. Young people came to the Olympic Stadium, incl. With Greg Hancock.

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