July 28, 2021

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slag.  Eltrox the Drifter's fateful evening.  "doesn't look good"

slag. Eltrox the Drifter’s fateful evening. “doesn’t look good”

Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa left the match train on Friday evening. White and Green did not appear on the podium at all, as they lost to Moji Bermuda Staley Gorzo, 39:51. Leon Madsen wasn’t looking for excuses.

Matthews Makuch

Pictured: Thompson in front of Madsen

WP SportoweFakty/Patrick Kowalski/Pictured: Thompson before Madsen

The confrontation between Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa and Moje Bermuda Stalą Gorzów for the hosts started successfully, because after the first round the locals were leading in a ratio of 15:9. It would have been better if Leon Madsen looked back in the first round and noticed that Bartosz Smecta was following him. The residents of Chistochova could start this clash with two double wins.

However, that wouldn’t change much in the course of the whole match, as the Walkers lost them clearly. The last three qualifiers were the absolute control of the team from Gorzow. – I’m thinking mainly about how we’re going as a team. We lost, and we lost the bonus too. Now we have to win the remaining matches to enter the playoffs. It doesn’t look good and it hasn’t been a good day for Włókniarz – said Leon Madsen, who is in the mix area at Eleven Sports.

The Dane’s body language says a lot. Morale in the team, at least shortly after the match with the Gorzow players, deteriorated significantly. – It’s a tough day for us. We really believed in victory, I don’t know what happened so quickly. We need good team behavior to win matches like today. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, Captain Eltrox the Włókniarz sighed.

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– The track was similar to the one we rode. He was good for the race, so we can’t justify ourselves with the track. We were not disappointed with the fans that filled almost the entire stadium. “It was amazing to see so many fans cheering for us,” he added. – This defeat had a devastating effect on us, but the season is not over yet. We still have a few matches we can score in. We still have a small chance in the play-offs, but we definitely have to win the remaining matches and keep our fingers crossed so that the other teams’ matches are successful for us – Madsen said.

Placing Lviv in the context of the first four was as complicated as possible. After defeat with Stal Włókniarz of Gorzów, he must win with Apator of Toruń, Grudziądz GKM (departure), achieve at least a draw point from Wrocław and rely on a tripped by one of the teams fighting on the same goal, i.e. the playoff stage.

Bartosz Zmarzlyk was in a different mood after the match in Czestochova. He was the world champion in a class of his own. He got 18 points in six matches. – I liked him so much since the first round. Good thing the coach gave me the track rehearsal as I had a little doubt but I dispelled them by trying the track and then the corrections went all the time. It is important that the first feeling is the most accurate – said Zmerzlik, who tried to console Madsen sitting next to him. – In Gorzów I also sat with a face like Leon and I understand that, because it is simply wrong to lose at home – added Zimerzlik, recalling that in Gorzów it was Włókniarz who won with Stal (46:44).

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