September 21, 2021

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slag.  Engine - Steel: Ecstasy in Lublin.  The cars are in the final, but there is fear for the health of Łaguta

slag. Engine – Steel: Ecstasy in Lublin. The cars are in the final, but there is fear for the health of Łaguta

The above rain was to frustrate the ranks of the host camp, who won the first meeting in Gorzow 49:41 and were on their way to qualifying for the final. However, the steel was based on a bad card handover, hence the big fill-in in the team, which we saw from the first round. It was the first series that could give hope that the runners-up Poland could successfully fight to make up for the losses from the first match. After four rounds, the score was 12:12, but the seniors scored equal goals, and Wiktor Jasiński was fast. A good basis for thinking about making a surprise.

So much for the theory, because the reality was too harsh for Stahl. Motor Speedway motorcyclists quickly rearranged their bikes and jumped on the winning track. Dominic Kubera explained that it confused their course a bit, but the changes to the settings were effective. The subsequent series was dominated by the hosts. Of course, Gorzów’s side were able to put up with some individual emotion, but it wasn’t enough to think about winning, let alone winning a draw.

These bangs are above all perfect as always Bartosz Zmarzlik. The problem is that there is only one world champion, and the other players in Stal cannot adapt to their leader’s level. One would risk saying that Martin Vaculik and Szymon Voignac are definitely not in top shape after coming back from injury, which is better reflected in their scores. And if we add to this the weak position of Marcus Perkimus and the Younger, he may have only one effect. Another thing is that Wiktor Jasiński didn’t drive badly. He had speed on his bike, but the problem was that he couldn’t convert it to points.

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Looking at the score alone, it can be said that Motor was relatively well on his way to the finals. However, this was not the case, and the match was not without dramatic situations. I’m mainly talking about Gregory Lagota’s fall from the eleventh round. The Russian hit his head hard in the ring and tragedy was in the air. He eventually went off the track on his own but was taken to the hospital for further examination. His health is the key information for the Lublin team ahead of the upcoming finals. Of course, health is the most important thing, but without Łaguta Motor you can forget about an effective fight for gold with speed Betard Sparta Wrocław.

So far, Lublin was elated after winning the long-awaited promotion. In fact, the disparity between the two teams increased over time, and the match soon lost the pressure. The last challenge for cars is now even bigger. Of course, the club says this season’s goal has already been achieved, but the appetite increases the more you eat. In the gold medal showdown, Pittard Sparta will be the favorite, but Motor Lublin this year has proven that thanks to an even ride for the whole team, it can beat everyone else.

Motor Lublin – My Bermuda Stal Gorzów 47:43

Motor Lublin
9. Grigory Łaguta 2 + 1 (1,1 *, d, w)
10. Mark Carrion – (-, -, -, -, -)
11. Jaroslav Humpel 7 + 2 (0.3.1 *, 2.1 *)
12. Krzysztof Buczkowski 8 + 1 (0.2 *, 2.2.2)
13. Mikkel Michaelsen 11 (2,3,3,3, -)
14. Victor Lampart 4 (0,0,3)
15. Mateusz Cerniak 5 + 3 (2 *, 2 *, 1 *, 0)
16 – Dominic Kubera 10 (3,2,2,1,2)

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My Stal Gorzów . Bermuda shorts
1. Szymon Woźniak 8 + 1 (2*, 1,1,3,1)
Anders Thomsen 8 (1,0,3,1,3,0)
3. Martin Vaculik 8 + 1 (3,1,1 *, 0,3)
Marcus Berkimos 0 (0,0, -, -)
5. Bartosz Zmarzlik 16 (3,3,2,3,2,3)
6. Wiktor Jasiński 3 (1,2,0,0)
7. Camille Nowaki 0 ​​(0, -, 0)
8. Rafa Krazmarz