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slag. Excuse me, are they hitting here? Betard Sparta gave the apprentice a driving lesson

slag.  Excuse me, are they hitting here?  Betard Sparta gave the apprentice a driving lesson

Despite high hopes, Arged Malesa Ostrów did not take on Betard Sparta Wrocław and fell on his own course 34:56. Newcomer PGE Ekstraliga closes the table with no points and nothing bodes for a breakthrough in the team from Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Łukasz Kuczera

Maciej Janowski

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Chęć / Pictured: Maciej Janowski

– If not now, when? – Asked Arged Males Ostrów fans before the match with Betard Sparta Wrocław. Newcomer PGE Ekstraliga doesn’t have any points in his account yet, and it looks like a meeting with the current national champion was a perfect option for the breakout. The inhabitants of Wroclaw have many problems, which is why they were not the favorites of the Friday skirmishes.

– In the end, we can train at home – coach Mariusz Stashevsky said, noting that the previous duels of the Ostro players were jeopardized, so the hosts could not freely prepare the course.

The opening match was very tense for the visitors and it could have looked like Argide Mallisa’s day. Already in the first race, Gleb Czugunow was disqualified due to a sharp attack on Tim Soerensen, after a moment Michał Curzytek fell into the junior race. After the first round, the hosts took the lead at 13:11 – for the first time in the 2022 season.

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The Ostrovians’ hopes for ultimate success soon faded. The Betard Sparta players translated into the second series from the start, which they won 14:4. Maciej Janowski was sure, Tai Woffinden was revived as well, and Gleb Czugunow and Daniel Bewley were strong complements to the leaders. On the part of the hosts, there was also bad luck – for example in the seventh heat, when Oliver Berntzon’s bike was damaged just before the start.

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– It’s all bad luck. We are trying to fight it – said Tomasz Gapiński in front of the Eleven Sports cameras, but the track did not show the effects of this fight. Only an experienced captain of the inhabitants of Ostrow tried to spoil the blood of the inhabitants of Wroclaw. Chris Holder was worse. In this case, Argide Mallissa had no right to win the first match of the year.

In the end, even before the candidate races, it was clear that three points would go to Lower Silesia. The guests were ahead on this stage by 48:30, and the last races only added to the picture of poverty and desperation, as the match ended with a score of 56:34 for the visitors. A convincing win would calm the atmosphere in Sparta’s Petard a bit, as the current Polish champion fell outside the playoff area of ​​PGE Ekstraliga after the previous inning. Thus a possible setback in Ostrow Wielkopolsky would be very costly for the inhabitants of Wroclaw.

On the other hand, Arged Malesa Ostrów has to look for more opportunities to score points so as not to finish the season without achievements. The next opportunity will be on July 3, during the confrontation with Fogo Unia Leszno.

punctuation marks:

Arjd Melissa Ostro – 34 points
9. Tomasz Jabinsky – 8 + 1 (2,2,2,1*, 1.0)
10. Oliver Berntzon – 8 + 1 (3, in, 1*, 2.2)
11. Casper Gerzelak – NS (-, -, -, -)
12. Grzegorz Walasek – 4 (1, 1, 2, d, 0)
13. Chris Holder – 10 + 1 (3,1,1,2,1*, 2)
14. Sebastian Szostak – 1 (1.0, d)
15th. Jacob Krausek – 2 (2.0.0)
16. Tim Soerensen – 1 (1.0)

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Petard Sparta Wroclaw – 56 points
1. Chugunov Gleb – 11 + 1 (in, 1 *, 3, 3, 3, 1)
2. Matthews Banks – NS (-, -, -, -, -)
3. Ty and Wenden – 12 + 3 (3.2*, 2*, 2*, 0.3)
4. substitute player
5. Maciej Janowski – 17 (2,3,3,3,3,3)
6. Bartomeg Kowalski – 5 (3.2.0)
7. Michel Korzitec – 2 (in, 1,1)
8. Daniel Bewley – 9 + 1 (0.2 *,

Running after running:
1. (66.08) Woffinden, Gapiński, Soerensen, Czugunow (w/su) – 3: 3 – (3:3)
2. (67.30) Kowalski, Krawczyk, Szostak, Curzytek (w/u) – 3: 3 – (6: 6)
3. (67, 13) Holder, Janowski, & Elsick, Bewley – 4:2 – (10:8)
4. (67.11) Berntzon, Kowalski, Kzogunov, Zostak – 3:3 – (13:11)
5. (66.65) Janowski, Venden, Alasik, Sorensen – 1:5 – (14:16)
6. (66.98) Kzugonov, Beuli, Holder, Krausek – 1:5 – (15:21)
7. (66.60) Janowski, Gabinsky, Korzetek, Berntzon (w / 2 minutes) – 2: 4 – (17:25)
8. (66.68) Bewley, Wenden, Holder, Szostak (D4) – 1:5 – (18:30)
9. (67.29) Chugunov, Jabinsky, Berntzon, Beuli – 3:3 – (21:33)
10. (66.84) Janowski, Alasik, Gabinsky, Kowalski – 3:3 – (24:36)
11. (67.42) Kzugonov, Vinden, Gabinsky, and Alasic (D4) – 1:5 – (25:41)
12. (66.58) Bewley, Holder, Kurztec, Krause – 2:4 – (27:45)
13. (67.41) Janowski, Berntzon, Holder, and Venden – 3:3 – (30:48)
14. (66.42) Woffinden, Berntzon, Bewley, Walasek – 2:4 – (32:52)
15th. (66.90) Janowski, Holder, Kzugunov, Gabinsky – 2:4 – (34:56)

Judge: Krzysztof Mizzi
Non-infectious: 66.08 seconds – Tai Woffinden in heat 1
Starter pack: II

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Will Petard Sparta Wroclaw qualify for the PGE Ekstraliga qualifiers?

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