July 28, 2021

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slag.  GKM - Apator.  Derby Pomeranian in the shadow of Carambola and exceed the standards.  for a tie! [RELACJA]

slag. GKM – Apator. Derby Pomeranian in the shadow of Carambola and exceed the standards. for a tie! [RELACJA]

Pictures from the third and twelfth races, where the deadly carambola took place, obscured the Pomeranian derby in the Grudsides. GKM and Apator fought hard on the track, which was deviating from the standards. There was a play, and finally a tie was won – 45:45.

Tomas Janiszewski

Robert Lambert vs. Paweł Przedpełski

WP SportoweFakty / Katarzyna Łapczyńska / Pictured: Robert Lambert in front of Paweł Przedpełski

These are not quiet days for both environments, with an emphasis on Grudziądz. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the double postponement of this match, then there was the epic suspension of Nikki Pedersen, and when the rivalry between Grudzidz with Toruا finally began, an accident occurred at first, after which thousands of fans were at the same time. The stadium and in front of the TVs froze. To make matters worse, a Dane also took part, and his last days were absolutely awful.

After the start of the third race, there was a fatal accident between three-time world champion Jack Holder and Kenneth Peer. The latter managed to escape the worst, but the other two were not so lucky. The Australian, who was beaten, complained of rib pain and was not allowed to continue driving. Having hit the gang, Pedersen lost consciousness for a moment, left the track on a stretcher, and after regaining consciousness, he was unaware of what had happened. He too, of course, was considered unfit to compete. The two victims were transferred to the hospital for examination.

GKM and Apator are seriously weakened. After Pedersen, Norbert Krakowiak went to the track, coach Thomas Bagersky replaced the younger brother with the younger ones. After the visitors won their ill-fated 4-2 race in the replay, the score was 9:9. Since then, there have been five straight draws. Notably, it was the first home race won by Roman Lischbaum.

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The track left much to be desired. It was full of bumps and gaps. Both lost points. After the turmoil of Pierre, Chris Holder avoided zero in the fifth race, and in the ninth Bauwe Przydebinski fell behind the back of Lachbaum, who joined Przemyslav Paulicki and at that moment the hosts finally had reason to be happy, leading 29:25. Earlier, in the seventh batch, shortly before the finish line, Krzysztof Lewandowski lost third place, already in his fourth race. Lachbaum took advantage of this.

Apator was close to scoring the immediate bonus, because his win at Motoarena (55:35) cannot be forgotten. However, the Torronians were interested in getting two points to win – a first in 49 months in the PGE Extraliga away from home. And for this to happen, despite the lack of a younger carrier, the active attitude of the remaining seniors was needed, because the youth team had a good result on Tuesday.

Robert Lambert looked great. The Briton won round after round, with Adrian Miedziński picking two in a row. So there was a race that opened the fourth series of the competition which was very important. A pair of locals rode in more convenient starting positions (five wins from A, four from C), but only Pawlicki used that handicap. Pierre was a very weak disappointed and we still had four GKM points (35:31).

It was about 300m to 40:32, but in the 12th heat we had a second fall at the cost of injury. Coming off the motorcycle’s first curve, Denis Zieliński didn’t master the bike, hitting the board. Diagnosis: a broken bone in the forearm. Given that more experienced players, such as Bjerre or Przedpełski, have problems with the zigzag surface, it would be useful to consider whether it is “ready” so that it is standard.

Apator, after the Zieliński drama, can still contemplate victory over Haller. Or rather, he could, had it not been for yet another disappointment on the part of free-lancing Chris Holder. In the thirteenth round, Lambert was out of reach again, but what if Krakowiak, who was leading his best career match in the PGE Ekstraliga (arguably replaced Pedersen almost one-on-one) and profited from the mistakes of the other Lachbaum, turned out to be rivals ahead of Australian strength.

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Meanwhile, in the first of the candidate races, the same four contenders lined up under the bar as before the break. Holder had to go for the fifth time, because the meeting was arranged in the program so that the angels could not use the tactical reserve even once. The starting grid helped him, but most importantly Professor Lambert, who “annoyed” and looked back the whole time, only to lead his older friend to a 5:1 victory. Feelings peaked, because Team Toruń tied the knot (42:42)!

As if the drama wasn’t enough, at the end of lap three, at the end of lap three, Pawlicki fell for his own foul. Krzysztof Kasprzak was left alone and although Przedpełski tried to replicate everything, he could not use the speed of his motorcycle in such an oval. A tie means great dissatisfaction on both sides. GKM fell into its trap, and Apator did not take advantage of the sudden opportunity – and it seemed to be excellent – at the end of the 23-game “black series” without a win over PGE Ekstraliga. So the battle to stay on top is still in full swing.

punctuation marks:

ZOOleszcz DPV Logistic GKM Grudziądz – 45
9. Przemyslaw Pawliky – 10 (2,2,3,3,w)
10. Roman Lichbaum – 7 + 3 (3,1*, 2*, 1*, 0)
11. Krzysztof Kasperzak – 12 + 1 (1*, 3, 2, 3, 3)
12. Kenneth Beer – 1 + 1 (w, 0,1 *, 0)
13. Nikki Pedersen – (u / -, -, -, -, -)
14. Mateusz Bartkoviak – 3 (3,0,0)
15th. Denis Zelensky – 1 (1.0, u)
16. Norbert Krakowiak – 11 (2,3,3,2,1)

eWinner Apator Toruń – 45
1. Paul Przydebinsky – 10 (3,2,1,2,2)
2. Jack Stand – (u / -, -, -, -, -)
3. Chris Holder – 4 + 3 (0,1*, 1*, 0,2*)
4. Adrian Medzinski – 8 + 1 (2,2,2,1*, 1)
5. Camille Marcinek – ns (-, -, -, -)
6. Carol Gubinsky – 2 + 1 (0,1*,0,0,1)
7. Krzysztof Lewandowski – 6 + 1 (2,1,1*,0,2)
8. Robert Lambert – 15th (3,3,3,3,3)

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Running after running:
1. (64,94) Przedpełski, Pawlicki, Kasprzak, ch. Pregnant – 3: 3 – (3: 3)
2. (65.69) Bartkovyak, Lewandowski, Zelensky, Zhubinsky – 4: 2 – (7: 5)
3. (65,32) Lambert, Krakowiak (Pedersen (u/-), Lewandowski (J holder – u/-), Pierre (w/su) – 2:4 – (9:9)
4. (65.89) Lachbaum, Medzinski, Zubinsky, Bartkowiak – 3:3 – (12:12)
5. (65, 73) Kasperzak, Medzinsky, ch. Holder, Bjerry – 3:3 – (15:15)
6. (65.37) Krakowiak, Przydbinsky, Lewandowski, Zelensky – 3: 3 – (18:18)
7. (65,27) Lambert, Pawelecki, Lischbaum, Lewandowski – 3:3 – (21:21)
8. (65,56) Krakowiak, Miedziński, ch. Holder, Bartkoviak – 3:3 – (24:24)
9. (65.99) Pawliky, Lachbaum, Przydbinsky, Zubinsky – 5:1 – (29:25)
10. (65.01) Lambert, Kasprzak, Bjerre, upiński – 3:3 – (32:28)
11. (65.79) Pawlicki, Przedpełski, Miedziński, Bjerre – 3:3 – (35:31)
12. (66,48) Kasperzak, Lewandowski, Zubinsky, Zelensky (u/2) – 3:3 – (38:34)
13. (65, 25) Lambert, Krakowiak, Lischbaum, ch. Pregnant – 3:3 – (41:37)
14. (66.12) Lambert, ch. Holder, Krakowiak, Lischbaum – 1:5 – (42:42)
15th. (65,49) Kasprzak, Przedpełski, Miedziński, Pawlicki (v/u) – 3:3 – (45:45)

the judge: Mishaw Sasic
path host: Jacek and Winniak
Starter pack: I
Non-infectious: 64.94 pages – won by Paweł Przedpe Apski (Apator) in Heat 1.
Total match result: 100: 80 for Apator who scored an extra point.

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