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slag. It was supposed to be a hit, and it was putty. On the uneven track in Krosno, Mount Bologna

slag.  It was supposed to be a hit, and it was putty.  On the uneven track in Krosno, Mount Bologna

Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz beat Sylfast Wilkie – 45:44 in the fantastic match of the fifth round of eWinner of League One. But the circuit was dealt with on Friday and it is full of holes and a danger to the players. So there was no show in Krosno.

Tomas Janiszewski

Daniel Jelinevsky

WP SportoweFakty / Karol Słomka / Pictured: Daniel Jeleniewski

May is approaching the halfway mark, and only one league game has been played in Krosno through Friday. A bit of turmoil with the renovations at the stadium, the weather spoiled a bit of style, and recently there was a clash of dates with the British League. This time the weather was frightening again (rain interrupted the competition in nearby Rzeszów), but in the end we were able to leave the competition until the end, although there were a lot of problems. They were both rated as a top-tier hitter in the winning e-league, after all, they were rated high this year and the start of the struggle this year showed at that level.

Similar to the match with Orzeł Łódź, the match began with the defeat of the hosts 1: 5. Tobiasz Musielak surprised his rivals already in the first turn. The response of the wolves was immediate, because, as usual this year, the young men were equally up to the task. And there was also a lot to see. Wiktor Przyjemski and Krzysztof Sadorski beat Wiktor Przyjemski on the road, the latter with a spark action occurring at the finish line.

Not long after, young Krosno natives had already put Matej Zagar on the schedule after he replaced Rafai Karczmarz, who touched the bar (although reboots didn’t prove it). – It feels great to beat a tall participant in the Grand Prix. I tried not to think it was Matig – he later said in an interview with Canal + Sport5. In turn, the winner of this race, Adrian Miedziński, spoke about the impressions of driving on the track, the conditions of which left much to be desired: – You can see that the first arc collapses a little. It is very dry out there, the track does not connect and does not rip a little.

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Watch the video Woźniak is a mechanic from Zmarzlik. “It’s always a valuable experience”

The score in the first half of the match was about a tie until the odd sixth heat came in. Judge Pawe Palka did a terrible job at it, first having unwarranted remarks to Medzinsky due to his poor position under the bar, and when the player changed his place, he was able to quickly help himself prepare for the field, despite the fact that two minutes had passed. Then, on the second lap, the guy fell from Toru, was in front, but quickly got up. However, Palka stopped running. In the replay… Sadersky touched the tape.

It started raining after the seventh heat and it was very dangerous, but luckily it stopped after a few minutes. Driving conditions were very difficult, because the condition of the track was clearly poor. Raad Matej Zagar in an interview: – Let’s be serious. The path is really dangerous. There is a “like” hole in the second bracket. I’m not surprised Adrian fell in there. Let’s be serious people – said the Slovenian, although after a zero in the first round, he was unbeaten in the next three.

Bologna took the lead after the eighth heat and held it until the end. It started better than Wolves, then it was vigil on the road, gaps were overcome by competitors and there was no question of overtaking or a more gritty and decisive ride. The confusion was great. Canal + correspondent Mateusz Kudzersky provided interesting information from the commissioner, who said that the hosts ignored his reservations about preparing the surface and poured water on the track when they wanted.

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– It looks like we can’t just fight each other with the track – added the locals leader, Andrzej Lebediew after the 10th race, after which there was a twenty minute break for a slight improvement on the surface, especially on both turns. Jacek Woźniak, formerly ŻKS and KSŻ Krosno player (1999-2004), and now Abramszk Bologna coach, Jacek Woźniak, also added: – This is sacrilege of malice, thank you.

In the end, the Bydgoszcz team won by only a point, because in the end Musilak and Lebedev reduced the scale of the defeat. Griffins was the first to win with Wolverhampton in 2022, thus catching up with the result achieved, moving to first place in the table. Bydgoszcz residents have already achieved victories in the difficult regions of ód and Krosno.

punctuation marks:

Silfast Wilkie Krosno – 44
9. Tobias Mosilac – 11 (1,2,2,3,3)
10. Mateusz Scheppanyak – 4 + 1 (3.1 *, 0.0, u)
11. Vaclav Melek – 10 (0.3,2,2,3)
12. rafay krzmarz – 1 + 1 (t, 0.1 *, 0)
13. Andrei Lebedev – 11 + 1 (2,3,2,2,2*)
14. Francesc Karsevsky – 3 (3, d, d)
15th. Krzysztof Sadorsky – 4 + 2 (2*, 1*, t, 1)
16. Marco Luisen – ns

Abramsc Bologna Bydgoszcz – 45
1. Daniel Jelinevsky – 9 + 1 (3,2,3,1*, 0)
2. Adrian Medzinski – 8 (3, in, 1, 3, 1)
3. Kenneth Beer – 10 + 1 (2*,2,3,1,2)
4. Oleg Mikhailov – 6 + 1 (2.1 *, 1.2)
5. Matej Zagar – 10 (0.3,3,3,1)
6. Wiktor Przyjemski – 2 (1,1,0)
7. Przemyslav Konecny ​​- (0.0, t)

Running after running:
1. (67.59) Jelenevsky, Pierre, Musilak, Milik – 1: 5 – (1: 5)
2. (66.90) Karczewski, Sadurski, Przyjemski, Konieczny – 5:1 – (6:6)
3. (66.66) Medzinsky, Lepidio, Sadorsky, Zagar – 3:3 – (9:9)
4. (67.28) Szczepaniak, Michaiłow, Przyjemski, Karczewski (d/4) – 3:3 – (12:12)
5. (67.04) Milik, Pierre, Mikhailov, pub keeper – 3: 3 – (15:15)
6. (67.37) Lepidio, Jelenevsky, Sadorsky

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