October 18, 2021

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slag.  Kolejarz O. - Kolejarz R. The leader without a leader tames his strong opponent.  Kowalski's Great Journey [RELACJA]

slag. Kolejarz O. – Kolejarz R. The leader without a leader tames his strong opponent. Kowalski’s Great Journey [RELACJA]

Match on top of the 2. Speedway League and the undefeated teams of Aoki Bedmet Kolejarza. Despite the absence of Jacob Thorsel, Opole Metallic Racing defeated Colegarza Rawich at home – 51:39. Bartome Kowalski made a very good game.

Tomas Janiszewski

Oscar Pulis in red helmet and Andrei Kodriazzo (blue)

WP SportoweFakty/Marek Bodosch/Pictured: Oscar Polis in red helmet and Andrei Kodriazzo (blue)

Both teams have already earned the reward for a better balance on aggregate against other competitors, but this season they haven’t competed with each other yet. On a warm Saturday afternoon in the Polish capital of songs, there was a clash at the top of the Speedway II League. OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole and Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz joined him undefeated at their expense. This alone made the meeting so much fun.

It was so. The Bears decided to bring Jaimon Lidsey from Fogo Unia Leszno overtime league to this game, which meant that they intended to fight for the best result in the Eastern League. The Australian’s support in the second tier has been invaluable to the residents of Rawicz many times over. The World Junior Singles Champion showed it from the start.

The guests started successfully with minimal injury, as they were in the lead after five races (17:13). Lidsey and Szymon Szlauderbach, moving almost atomically from under the bar, were the brightest characters and they gave an advantage. However, the response of Opole residents was immediate. First, Andrei Kodriazzo and Bartomig Kowalski achieved a double victory, having an exciting fight with Damian Palinsky. After a while, Kowalski brought his rivals behind, and was accompanied by Oscar Polis, who was quick from the start.

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The leader from Opole joined this meeting without his greatest star. Jacob Thorsel will play in the SEC Championship in Gdansk on Saturday night. A substitute player was used for the Swede. – I have to admit that this is a weakness. Jacob is number one in this league. I believe the guys will take his place with dignity in these four races – host manager Peter Mikowajak had hoped before meeting in an interview with Motowizja.

An ace over the sleeve was Kowalski mentioned, and Thorssell scored 10 points with a bonus. As usual, Mads Hansen was energetic, although he didn’t score at first what everyone expected. But in the middle of the match everything was fine. On the part of Rawicz, Damien Draudy was a disappointment, and Palinski also had problems. In the ninth race, he fought a fierce battle with Hansen, and Damien Ratajzak also took part in all this. In the last turn, the couple fell from Rawicz after the fight with the Dane. The judge decided to exclude the former.

The third series ended with another 5:1 OK Bedmet Kolejarza and it was already 35:25. Kamil Brzozowski defended himself against his rivals, bringing important points to the finish line. Metalika Recycling Kolejarz fought back by firing undefeated Lidsey from Tactical Reserve in the eleventh race. Did nothing. Good cooperation between Brzozowski and Kudriaszow allowed to beat the Australian and Szlauderbach – and how – 5:1! After a while, he won 4: 2 and it became clear that Opole would be the winner of the confrontation at the top of the second division front.

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The end of the competition aims to reduce the scale of defeat by the visitors to Rawich. In the thirteenth heat, another good performance was scored by Lidsey, who with a daring maneuver passed the Opole duo against the start. In the candidates, the youth first defeated Brzozovsky, and then twice beat Lidsi and Szloderbach. Who knows if the table leader from Opole would have won more than 12 points if Kowalski was given the opportunity to start. “Gość” from Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa presented the highway at a high level.

punctuation marks:

OK Bidmit Colliers Opole – 51
9. Jacob Thursell – The player being substituted
10. Oscar Police – 12 + 2 (2,3,2*, 3,1*, 1)
11. Mads Hansen – 11 + 2 (1*, 1, 2*, 3, 1, 3)
12. Kamil Brzozowski – 5 + 2 (1,0,2*, 2*, 0)
13. Andrey Kudryashov – 13 (3,3,2,3,2,0)
14. Kacper Łobodziński – (w, 0,0)
15th. Bartomig Kowalski (Guest) – 10 + 1 (2,2*, 3,3)

Metal Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz – 39
1. kenan roe – (0,0, -, -)
2. Damian Palinsky – 3 (0,1, w, 2, -)
3. Jaymon Lidsey – 15 + 1 (3,2*,3,1,3,3)
4. Shimon Zlauderbach – 8 + 1 (2,3,1,0,2*)
5. Damien Droody – 2 (2,0,0,0, -)
6. Krzysztof Sadorsky – 4 + 2 (1,1*, 1,1*)
7. Damian Ratajzak – 7 (3,1,1,0,2)

Running after running:
1. (61,00) Lidsey, Polis, Hansen, Rew – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (62,45) Ratajchak, Kowalski, Sadorsky, Sobodzinsky (W) – 2:4 – (5:7)
3. (62.72) Kudriaszow, Dróżdż, Brzozowski, Baliński – 4: 2 – (9: 9)
4. (61.91) Polis, Zlauderbach, Saderski, Łobodziński – 3: 3 – (12:12)
5. (61.91) Zlauderbach, Lidsee, Hansen, Brzozowski – 1:5 – (13:17)
6. (62,13) ​​Kudriaszow, Kowalski, Palinski, Rew – 5:1 – (18:18)
7. (62,25) Kowalski, Polis, Ratajczak, Dródż – 5:1 – (23:19)
8. (61.63) Lidsey, Kudriaszow, Szlauderbach, Łobodziński – 2:4 – (25:23)
9. (63,35) Polis, Hansen, Ratajczak, Palinski (w/u) – 5:1 – (30:24)
10. (63.12) Hansen, Brzozowski, Sadorsky, Drudi – 5:1 – (35:25)
11. (62.85) Kodriazzo, Brzozowski, Lidsi, Zlauderbach – 5:1 – (40:26)
12. (62.16) Kowalski, Palinski, Hansen, Ratajchak – 4: 2 – (44:28)
13. (62.37) Lidsey, Kudriaszow, Polis, Dróżdż – 3:3 – (47:31)
14. (63.01) Hansen, Ratajzak, Sadorsky, Brzozowski – 3:3 – (50:34)
15th. (63,28) Lidsey, Szlauderbach, Polis, Kudriaszow – 1:5 – (51:39)

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the judge: Bartosz Ignazewski
path host: Krzysztof nuts
Non-infectious: 61.00sec – earned by Jaimon Lidsey (Kolejarz R.) in Heat 1.
Starter pack: II

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