July 28, 2021

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slag.  Krzysztof Cegielski on Janowski and Zmarzlik: It has gone too far and may end badly [WYWIAD]

slag. Krzysztof Cegielski on Janowski and Zmarzlik: It has gone too far and may end badly [WYWIAD]

– Contest topic Bartosz Zmarzlik – Maciej Janowski needs to calm down. They are about to stand under the bar in Prague, and such things just sit in their heads and may end badly. There is only one step from taking feedback to the track – says Krzysztof Siegelski.

Jaroslav Galewski

Krzysztof Siegelski

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Krzysztof Cegielski

Jarosław Galewski, WP SportoweFakty: During the IMP finals in Liszno, there was a spark between Bartosz Smárzlyk and Maciej Janowski. The latter was heavily criticized by the community for quickly leaving the platform during the awards ceremony. What do you think of the whole situation?

Krzysztof Cegielski, former motorcycle racer, expert and manager Janusz Kołodziej: First of all, Partek proved to be the best player in Poland. Not surprisingly, he’s Poland’s champion after all. Thanks to this, it will be easier for him now. It seemed like he didn’t have to do anything anymore, but everyone asked him about gold at IMP. Therefore, the pressure will be much less from now on.

When it comes to this conflict, I approach everything with a distance, because I have lived through great struggles, quarrels, and battles. Once upon a time, the highway was more of a contact sport. I remember the fights in the machine park in the Czech league, the judge’s visits on the ladder and sitting on the ring. After the races in England it was the same as in the NHL. When someone has a grudge against themselves, there was time to clarify the situation and it happened. However, I have no doubts that Maciek Janowski’s behavior on the podium is indisputable. This should not happen. Besides, it is another such case recently. Everything somehow coincided with each other.

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what do you mean by that?

The league match in Leszno, where local players did not appear in the mixing area, where Maciej Janowski was waiting. There was no thanks and congratulations. Few days have passed and the motto you have to lose is back again. Especially since it was a Sunday in Liszno that the dust had long settled. It was a decoration, not a post-race condition. However, I understand that motorcyclists are accompanied by adrenaline. You can do all kinds of things with your emotions, and that’s normal. You cannot suppress players, because they are not children of the altar.

Is Bartosz Zmerzlik guilty? However, after the twelfth race he approached Maciej Janowski. Seemingly nothing, Stal Gorzów graduate says it’s a coincidence, but as a former player you probably know that sometimes a spark is enough to start a fire.

I get the impression that Bartek’s biggest wine is currently the fact that it’s the best in the world. Everyone wants to hit him and he has to deal with it. It is no coincidence that he drives badly. Everyone is trying to surprise him. In addition, we must realize that fans get a small amount of competition from the best players in the world. There’s more in the background, and a lot more aspects off the track. I mean, among other things, hardware problems. Everyone is trying to contribute something. The team competition is crazy. One is trying to surprise the other. They know each other about it. This is a fight that fans can’t see. It happens, I assure you.

As for the situation after the 12th race, it was probably best avoided, because sometimes that’s all it takes. However, it is good that Partek made it public. Sometimes the rise of one rider to another may be misinterpreted. However, I would prefer it to look a little different, because I like that motorcyclists die on the run, and then congratulate and thank each other. This was the case in 2020, during the fierce competition between Bartosz Smarzlik and Piotr Pawelecki to launch the PGE Ekstraliga in Gorzow. It was the core of the highway for me.

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Bartosz Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski are the team leaders. Is there anything to worry about about their cooperation during team competitions?

We must think positively in this context. Competing in the national team can be very beneficial and often something good comes out of it. This is confirmed by many situations in sports. It doesn’t have to be bad for the team. I think Raffaie Dubroque will handle it easily. He announced that there would be a conversation, and that was the most important thing. But for now, they are both going to be competing individually, and we have to realize the fact that they both want to win. So let’s not just expect stylish races.

And how do you respond to fan comments that after the Sunday events in Liszno they will support Zmarzlik at the Grand Prix and not Janowski anymore?

It shouldn’t be like that. I don’t like this approach. Of course, let everyone support whoever he wants, but do not pour them and wash them from one bucket to another. A moment ago some people liked to criticize Partek and now they’re going to turn into Masic? It does not make sense. You cannot overdo it. When a player gets so much criticism, I have such a reflexive reaction that I start defending him. In my opinion, the situation should be calmed down as quickly as possible, because it is going in the wrong direction. I think it could end badly in an instant because things are getting out of hand.

You mean it can be moved to the track?

Unfortunately yes. It is only one step away from making a statement and an intense discussion on the subject. Fans, journalists, experts, and activists can now list all sorts of things, but none of those people are risking anything. Meanwhile, the spiral is over and they are about to meet under the bar in Prague. I assure you that all this will sit in their heads. If there are a lot of negative emotions, the ending may not be the best. Therefore, it must be cooled. In my opinion, things have gone too far, and that’s enough. But let’s not urge anyone to apologize or complain now. For the future, let’s just stick to a few rules.

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Some say that the final in Liszno shows that Zimmerzlik is unpopular and an alliance is against him. Just like once against Thomas’s Gollop. They are right?

In my opinion, there is no such problem. These are not the times anymore. Bartik is the best and everyone wants to win with him. Some people envy him, of course, but this is healthy and normal jealousy. In addition, many competitors already felt that Bartik leads strongly. Even Szymon Woźniak, his fellow club, could say something about it after the final in Liszno. He’s even now found out that Bartik doesn’t have a soft toy. After their rivalry, I talk to Shimon, who understands what needs to be done on the track to beat the champ. The run should be really perfect and I think it’s all on the minds of motorcyclists who want to be where they are. But the most important thing is that Bartik behaves appropriately when the competition on the track is over.

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