July 27, 2021

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slag.  Nikki Pedersen has got what he wants.  Another development in the Danish comment!

slag. Nikki Pedersen has got what he wants. Another development in the Danish comment!

Nikki Pedersen can win. Thursday evening, shortly after landing in Poland, the Danish highway racer received a call with good news. His six-month grace period has been suspended and he may take part in the PGE Ekstraliga match on Friday.

Łukasz Kuczera

Nikki Pedersen

WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Trzeszczkowski / Nikki Pedersen.

By decision of the Danish Sports Federation, the starting penalty for Niki Pedersen was suspended for six months. This means that there is nothing to stop the three-time world champion from participating in Friday’s match of the PGE Ekstraliga between ZOOleszcz DPV Logistic GKM Grudziądz and eWinner Apator Toruń.

Thus, Thursday ended on a positive note for the 44-year-old, after his situation changed as in the kaleidoscope. As of this afternoon, the disciplinary committee of the Danish Automobile Federation has rejected Pedersen’s lawyer’s request to suspend the execution of the sentence.

Federation representatives confirmed that Pedersen is legally entitled to appeal to a higher body – the Danish Sports Federation (DIS). The former world champion had four weeks to do so, but decided not to delay. His attorney immediately provided a proper letter and began efforts to ensure the DIS issues a decision on the highway rider on Thursday.

Pedersen was convinced the affair could have a happy ending for him, so he announced to the mechanics that they should prepare for Friday’s league game at the Grudsides. He himself boarded a plane to Poland in the afternoon and after landing received the good news.

“There was no doubt in my heart, but we had to find a way to get justice,” Pedersen wrote on Facebook, adding thanks to his lawyer and partner who showed support in a difficult moment.

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Pedersen’s punishment is the result of events that occurred in early June. Then the Dane, during the league match, did not agree with the referee’s decisions and tried to cross the referee’s tower twice. The first time the knight entered the judge’s room. On his next approach, a security guard blocked his way.

Originally, the federal authorities suspended Pedersen for a period of six months – until January 5, 2022. Thursday’s decision by the DIS does not mean that the former world champion will avoid punishment and the consequences of his conduct. His ban on starting has been suspended only pending an in-depth investigation.

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