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slag. ROW – union. Very bad luck for Niels K. Iversen. Fatal accident in Rybnik

slag.  ROW - union.  Very bad luck for Niels K. Iversen.  Fatal accident in Rybnik
Unia Tarnów can speak of great misfortune. Two players were just injured, and Nils Christian Iversen scored a terrible accident in Rybnik.

Matthews Kozaniki

Nils Christian Iverson

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Krupa / Pictured: Nils Christian Iversen

The accident occurred in the third race of the ROW Rybnik – Unia Tarnów match. First, David Lambert slipped in the second turn. He managed to get up, so the race continued.

From the front, Nils Christian Iversen had a great fight with the hosts. The Dane seemed to take the lead. But Viktor Trofimov expanded his path.

There was not enough space for Iversen, and the experienced competitor caught part of the inflatable rink, after which he recorded a terrible fall. An ambulance went to see him. The Dane was on a stretcher.

After a while, an ambulance took Nils Christian Iversen to the hospital. Wiktor Trofimow was disqualified from the replay race, who was also given a yellow card by judge Kacper Bryła.

Let us remind you that Iverson has been injured this season. He sustained an injury in the first game in Tarnow, after which he was sidelined for more than three weeks.

ROW Rybnik

Onia Tarnov


he ran.

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