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slag. The famous Polish club in the next corner. Senator’s strong words. “The president shoots Babola after Babol”

slag.  The famous Polish club in the next corner.  Senator's strong words.  "The president shoots Babola after Babol"

One of Poland’s most popular motorcycle racing clubs may stay in the lower league for much longer. He already has a problem keeping players for next season. – They are fleeing the ship, although the fighting continues – the experts are alarming.

Jaroslav Galewski

Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra . fans

WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Forysiak / Pictured: Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra fans

For many years, activists all over Poland looked with envy at Fallopaz. During the presidency of Robert Doohan, residents of Zielona Góra built a brand, it became the most media club in Poland and, in addition, achieved great success. There were two DMP gold medals (2009 and 2011), one silver (2010) and one bronze (2008). He won the last title of the Polish champion in 2013. At that time, there was still talk of the so-called “magic Fallopaz”. Now only memories remain.

In the following years, the club continued to race at the PGE Ekstraliga and there was no indication that it would be in the corner. Unfortunately, wrong staff decisions meant that a year ago the citizens of Zielona Góra fell out of the best league in the world and were cut off from a lot of money from the sale of TV rights. However, activists led by Wojciech Domagała announced that this was a temporary situation and that their team would only bid farewell to PGE Ekstraliga for one year. The promotion to the elite was to be won in the ongoing 2022 season.

But the facts are that Fallopaz has had serious problems since the start of the Games. The team failed on the road and finished the main round in second place, behind the back of Abramszek Poloni Bydgoszcz. However, no one made a tragedy because of this, because the qualifying stage would decide on the promotion anyway. In it, Stelmet Falubaz found his way to H. Skrzydlewska Orła Łódź, a club owned by Witold Skrzydlewski, a well-known businessman from the funeral industry from ód. Some fans are already joking that he will know how to organize a beautiful funeral for the residents of Zielona Góra.

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Stelmet Falubaz was the favorite in the match against ód, but last Saturday lost his first game in the opponent’s zone by 50:40. The rematch will take place in Zielona Góra on August 19. Some do not already doubt that its outcome will determine the future of the club, which in case of defeat could face a difficult struggle for survival.

– If they are eliminated from the quarter-finals, in a year this team will not go for promotion, but to stay in eWinner 1. League – Robert Doohan, former president of Fallopaz, the current senator of the Republic of Poland, predicts. 50:40 is really dangerous. The lodgers have reached the limit on their own path, which is psychologically significant. The people from Zielona Góra are still the favorites, but I’d be very careful. On the highway it is much easier to defend yourself than to attack – adds Jacek Frątczak, former club manager from Zielona Góra.

Players are already fleeing the club

On the other hand, Stelmet Falubaz is still in the promotion game, but the transfer market is receiving very disturbing information about the future of individual players. Team captain Max Frick will move to ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz after the season. It is also very likely that Jan Kvech will leave For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń or Cellfast Wilków Krosno. In the absence of promotion, national leader Krzysztof Buczkowski may decide to take the same step. The future of the Matthews Tonder charge is also under a big question mark After the match in Gdansk, the club publicly criticized.

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Fallopas players used to be close to each other. There was a family atmosphere. Now they are all leaving the ship before the fighting is over. The team that wants to advance builds the forces of sponsorship and sport sooner. Don’t wait until September or October. Compare it to what is happening in Bydgoszcz. They reported the detention of Wiktor Przyjemski and the title sponsor. Dohan explains that they are going in the opposite direction.

Dohan: Players write to me

The former president of Valopaz assures us that he is in constant contact with the players who are currently competing at the club. In his opinion, there are no very optimistic signals coming from the dressing room. There is no magnet that will keep them in Zielona Góra for much longer. After every match, I have correspondence from the players. I’m talking. They are very objective and at times indecent about the current authorities – says Doohan.

What happened with Patrick Doddick says a lot about the current situation. When the event left Fallopaz after the 2021 season, President Dumagai said he would return after being promoted, Because he made a gentleman’s deal with him. Meanwhile, before the end of the current tournament, the player announced that he would stay at Toruń for two years.

Such words from the president make a mockery of the club. I know from the Doddick family, because we have good relations, that during the whole season no one invited Patrick for coffee or spoke with him. The Chairman’s announcement made them stunned at the time, as they hadn’t said a word to anyone. How can you count on someone coming back when there hasn’t been a single conversation? It’s hideous. If this team survives, is close to being promoted and is beating everyone up, Patrick might be waiting. What will come back today? Dohan asks.

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The senator from the Republic of Poland notes that the current club president has recently had more accidents. – He recently said that Piotr Protasiewicz can continue his career. I immediately started getting phone calls asking what was going on here, because the rider had clearly announced earlier that he was going to finish the highway after the season. I answered him that it was better to wait for Peter’s pass, for he was a serious guest. You’re right. A moment passed and it turned out that there was another setback. If I shoot a babola after a babola, is something wrong? It takes away the seriousness of the club. Unfortunately, I can’t help it, because I’m no longer associated with fallopase. However, it is difficult to understand, because I heard that this club was supposed to run better and cheaper. He went out as well. It is a pity, because the heart is bleeding – Duhan concludes.

Will Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra upgrade to PGE Ekstraliga this year?

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