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slag. The key to Włókniarz z Motorem’s success. The competitors did not expect this

slag.  The key to Włókniarz z Motorem's success.  The competitors did not expect this
After the match with Motor Lublin, Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa can be said to have accelerated forever. The Polish national team won by 56:34, and dominated the match the entire time. The guests admitted that they were surprised by the preparation of the track.

Matthews Makuch

Bartosh Smecta in a blue helmet

WP SportoweFakty/Patryk Kowalski/Pictured: Bartosz Smektaa in a blue helmet

The inhabitants of Chistochovo realized the significance of this confrontation. Eltrox Włókniarz, in order to be seriously counted in the fight to enter the top four at the end of the main round, had to beat Motor Lublin, preferably with a bonus. Perhaps it was difficult, because in the first match the Polish team lost 41:49. Eight points in PGE Ekstraliga with such equal teams is good progress.

That’s why Włókniarz worked so hard during the preparations for this competition. The residents of Chistochova trained every day until late. This gave the desired results, because from the very beginning of the meeting Piotr Świderski’s team was perfectly suited to the surface more attractive than usual.

It was the way the track was prepared that surprised the Lublin team the most. Motor riders are accustomed to driving on a solid oval, and did not find themselves in Olsztyńska that day. Wiktor Lampart said that the path is different from the one in Lublin.

Watch the video of the change that made an impact. Bartosz Smektaa about what helped him improve his results

– It was completely different. In fact, we didn’t even have a place to train on such a track – we admitted the rookies to Motor Lublin, who was a guest in the mix zone at Eleven Sports. – Big congratulations to Częstochowa for being able to make such a challenging track for us – he added and praised the competitors for such a good fit of the deck.

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Leopard scored 7 points in this match with 2 bonuses. He won the junior race. – I took a risk before this contest, you made a change so big it’s hard to evaluate. I missed the start, which made me lose points. I think it will be better – express hope.

– I love this track all the time. Sometimes the right settings are simply missing – said Bartosz Smektała, 11-point winner for Vokniarz. – I think we got them already. I don’t want to say it’s going to be easier, but it’s common knowledge that when the season starts we get to know the engines, the gears, the track, so I think the more we know – keep going.

– We have potential. I think that’s what we showed in this match. Victory is always required. Smektała said it depends on whether or not you’ll be in the playoffs, and we want to be there. – Now we focus on the first leg in Liszno. It would definitely be very difficult, he added.

For him, the meeting between Fogo Onia Liszno, Eltrox and Konyarze Shestoshova, which will take place next week, will be special. After all, Smektaa is a student of the Bulls. – It will definitely be a special match for me. I miss the Leszno oval, so I’m glad to be able to ride it – he said.

And when asked about the assessment of Lviv’s chances of getting into the top four, he answered: – It’s only half the main role. We still have a lot to drive. We focus on business.

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