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slag. They are afraid in Lisno, but they have Kołodziej. Unia won, and GKM won the reward

slag.  They are afraid in Lisno, but they have Kołodziej.  Unia won, and GKM won the reward

Unia had to work hard to defeat GKM in the eighth round of PGE Ekstraliga. She started very poorly, then almost lost after the fall of Janusz Kolodzig, but in the end she won by 47:43. However, the reward went to Grudziądz.

Tomas Janiszewski

Janusz Kolodzig

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Pictured: Janusz Kołodziej

Only defeats in Liszno, no bonus on aggregate with the local team for five seasons, no great results at all, a massacre that recently passed. Finally, also without captain Nikki Pedersen on the team. Grudziadz residents can’t say they’re without problems, but they’re not disappointed and on Friday they fought with the EU from the start. And he was clearly shown by the horrific first series. No one expected the guests to be driving 14:10.

First of all, the competition with motorcycles Jason Doyle started badly. First, despite a good start and hopping, it dropped from first to fourth and the ratio was 5:1 for the guests. And in the third game, Janusz Kolodzig broke the record of achievements, but the Australian brought the second zero as a substitute for the injured Piotr Pawelecki. Earlier, Kacper Pludra and Kacper Łobodziński took a big hit.

Al-Ittihad managed to win a double right before the equation, which stopped the impulsive guests. In the second series, after two draws, Leszno players tied the match (21:21), again hitting 5: 1 – just before the break for surface treatment. This was a bit painful, although there was no amazing movement, especially from the outside. The shot was heavy, as Blaudra discovered in the fourth race.

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Watch the video highway. PGE Ekstraliga magazine. Przedpełski, Krakowiak and Majewski are Musiał . guests

In such cases, it was said that “the match started again”. The second opening was supposed to be much better for the bull, but it started in vain. Kołodziej, attacking his opponents, fended off the machine too often and failed to control it, falling on the track. An ambulance went to the commander of the local residents, there was even a fear that the pain in his leg might prevent him from continuing to drive.

In the replay, the visitors took advantage of the rival leader’s absence and won 5:1 for the third time on Friday. They maintained the lead after well-acted Krzysztof Kasprzak defeated Doyle and Jaymon Lidsey, and in the evening’s 10th installment, won by Kołodziej, brought Przemysław Pawlicki and Pludra David Bailey, who was covered with a needle in the first wheel.

In total, GKM was already 14 points ahead, but hardly anyone discussed it. The victory of Janusz Ślączka’s team in the same match was even more realistic. When Kasprzak and Pawlicki lined up under the bar, hopes were high. However, Doyle and Beligo rose to the occasion and led to a tie. Before the candidate races, Unia managed to take the lead (41:37). Koodziej was always on his side, Lidsey did his job again and Hubert Jabłoński scored a valuable point, defeating Łobodziński after a thrilling distance fight.

However, we had emotions right up to the end, because Blaudra tamed Doyle in the 14th heat on the road, giving GKM a valuable bonus and still expanding the opportunity to avoid defeat. The matter was dealt with by Kołodziej, however, by charm and by displaying a large motorway on the first lap of the crucial track for the meeting. The 38-year-old is battered and sore, but relentlessly fast and the leader of Fogo Unia.

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In a way, the meeting was similar to the last meeting with Toruń, when the hosts turned out to be only positive at the end, but then with great help from the judge. They have now come to order in time, have ceased to notice failures and have turned the scales of victory in their favour. They also had a real leader.

punctuation marks:

Fogo Onia Liszno – 47
9. Jason Doyle – 10 (0,0,3,2,3,2)
10. Jaymon Lidsey – 9 + 4 (3,0,2*,1*,2*,1*)
11. David Biligo – 8 + 1 (1,3,0,2*, 2.0)
12. Peter Pawelecki – The player being substituted
13. Janusz Kolodzig – 15th (3.3, in, 3.3.3)
14. Damien Ratajzak – 4 + 1 (1.2 *, 1)
15th. Hubert Japonsky – 1 + 1 (0,0,1 *)
16. kenan roe – ns

ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz – 43
1. Krzysztof Kasprzak – 12 + 1 (2*,2,2,3,1,2)
2. Victor Rafalsky – ns
3. Frederic Jacobsen – 11 + 1 (3,2,1,3,1,1*)
4. Przemyslaw Pawliky – 5 + 2 (0.1*, 2*, 2.0.0)
5. replace player
6. Casper Blaudra – 8 + 1 (3,1,1*, 3)
7. Kacper Łobodziński – 2 + 1 (2*, 0.0)
8. Norbert Krakowiak – 5 + 2 (1*, 1*, 0.3.0)

Running after running:
1. (60.81) Jacobsen, Kasprzak, Pelego, Doyle – 1:5 – (1:5)
2. (60.62) Blodra, Łobodziński, Ratajczak, Jabłoński – 1:5 – (2:10)
3. (59.77) Kołodziej, Kasprzak, Krakowiak, Doyle – 3:3 – (5:13)
4. (61.19) Lidsey, Ratajzak, Blodra, Paoliki – 5:1 – (10:14)
5. (61,16) Bilgo, Jacobsen, Pawlecki, Lidsey – 3:3 – (13:17)
6. (60.60) Kołodziej, Kasprzak, Krakowiak, Jabłoński – 3:3 – (16:20)
7. (61.02) Doyle, Lidsey, Jacobsen, Obodzinsky – 5:1 – (21:21)
8. (61.85) Jacobsen, Pawelecki, Ratajczak, Kolodzig (w/u) – 1:5 – (22:26)
9. (61.77) Kasprzak, Doyle, Lidsey, Krakowiak – 3:3 – (25:29)
10. (61.94) Kołodziej, Pawlicki, Pludra, Bellego – 3:3 – (28:32)
11. (62,17) Doyle, Pelego, Kasperzak, Pawelecki – 5:1 – (33:33)
12. (62.87) Krakowiak, Pelego, Japonsky, Obodzinsky – 3: 3 – (36:36)
13. (62.45) Kołodziej, Lidsey, Jakobsen, Krakowiak – 5:1 – (41:37)
14. (62.57) Plodra, Doyle, Lidsey, Pawlecki – 3:3 – (44:40)
15th. (62,21) Kołodziej, Kasprzak, Jakobsen, Belego – 3:3 – (47:43)

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Judge: Michao Sasic
path host: Tomas Walchuck
Starter pack: And the
Non-infectious: 59.77sec – Janusz Kolodzig (Junia) in the third round – a new record
Overall match result: 93:87 for the GKM who scored the bonus point.

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