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slag. They rode to Ostrow with their souls on their shoulders. The coach explained why Kołodziej gave up running

slag.  They rode to Ostrow with their souls on their shoulders.  The coach explained why Kołodziej gave up running

– The pressure was enormous – said Peter Baron in an interview with WP SportoweFakty. His team Fogo Unia Leszno outperformed Arged Malesa Ostrów 57:33. The coach also explained why he was replaced by Janusz Kolodzig.

Matthews Kozaniki

Janusz Kolodzig (left) and Piotr Pawelecki

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / Pictured: Janusz Kołodziej (left) and Piotr Pawlicki

Fogo Unia Leszno had no weaknesses in Sunday’s game and definitely won the Wielkopolska derby with Arged Malesa Ostrów 57:33.

– We went with the whole team, and this team is built in such a way that it is effective in order to be effective. We showed her on the track – Peter Baron, the visitors coach, told us after the game.

The visitors started off with a big hit, winning the first three races twice. Before the track equalization, it was 18:6. The coach explained the reason for this good behavior right from the start.

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– The best competitors went to try the track (Jason Doyle and Piotr Pawlicki) to read the track, what was going on and what settings to make. I think it looked pretty good,” Baron explained.

Although the residents of Liszno were the favorites for this match, they were not calm before the start of the competition. They knew that any potential stumble could be of great importance in the context of the fight for the intervening phase.

– There are no easy wins. We’d go to Ostrow with our souls on our shoulders. We knew that to get to the play-offs we had to win the title and the pressure was huge. I’m glad the players experienced that. It was fun from the start. We jumped into this match, so the residents of Ostrów Wielkopolski might have had more problems, because we jumped too far – the coach commented.

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In the fourth series of Janusz Kołodziej’s debut, Keynan Rew changed. Peter Baron admitted that he spoke with his team captain about whether he wanted to continue competing. He stressed that Kołodziej still had pain in his leg, and therefore gave up the race.

Earlier, there was a break that lasted several minutes, which was caused by riots in the guest sector. The meeting was resumed only after the situation was brought under control.

– I think it is not of great importance to the match, but such a situation should not happen on the track. Families with children come here, and if someone wants to go crazy, they have to go to the gym and live there while training. This isn’t where you wrestle, I’ve definitely never experienced anything like this on the highway and don’t like it personally. Such things must be eliminated – concluded Peter Baron.

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