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slag. This gives you an advantage. Players do not have equal opportunities?

slag.  This gives you an advantage.  Players do not have equal opportunities?

ZOOleszcz lost GKM PGE Ekstraliga with Moje Bermuda Stal 39:51 in the fourth round. After the match, Krzysztof Kasprzak regretted that he had not received the tubeless tires that the other players were already using.

Simon Michalsky

Krzysztof Kasperzak

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Pictured: Krzysztof Kasprzak

Friday’s second meeting at PGE Ekstraliga, where ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz Moje Bermuda Stal Gorzów took over, ended abruptly. While the victory of the guests is not a huge surprise, the scale of the defeat for the hosts is significant.

So what made the people of Gorzow enjoy such a big victory? Included Krzysztof Kasprzak answered this question in the mixed zone after the game on Eleven Sports.

– Quick match between players from Gorzów and that’s it. Today, the highway is unfortunately 90 percent. The motorcycle is gone and the first to hit the settings is. Bartik missed the first round, then changed and was already caught. The guys must have done what he did and left. No excuse for us, we trained for two days on this track, but on the highway today the most important thing is the motorcycle. If you don’t have a motorcycle, you suddenly lose your strength, Krzysztof Kasprzak said after the meeting.

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The 37-year-old also drew attention to an important issue. According to Kasprzak, some competitors use tubeless tires, which, however, are not available to everyone. It is also meant to translate into a technological advantage. The competitor GKM even stated that it was the mentioned tires that decided such a result.

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– It seems to me that the main reason is the tubeless wheels. We are waiting for them all the time. When I was following people with these wheels, I saw that it was a very big role. For them the tires don’t get so hot that they drive faster in front of me. Moreover, on such a difficult track, so we have been waiting all the time behind these wheels since October. If they come, it seems to me that the chances will be more – commented Kasprzak.

In the Moje Bermudy Stali Gorzów team, each player added significant points to the team’s achievements. Szymon Woźniak may be pleased with his performance, but this week he has been struggling with health issues.

– The result may not reflect that, but we should be sweating a lot here. The hosts did not give us anything here easily. I also have quite a bit of trouble, and a lot of bugs at a distance, but I have to excuse myself a bit, because I got poisoned at the beginning of the week and actually ate quite a bit since Monday. Only today my meals started to come naturally and so there was something in my stomach the whole time and I’ve been wrecked all week. The situation today is a little better, but I definitely feel a little weak and that was visible on the track, because there were a lot of mistakes and bad decisions – Woźniak in short.

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