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slag. Valopaz Zielona Gora could not cope! Wilki Krosno in PGE Ekstralidze!

slag.  Valopaz Zielona Gora could not cope!  Wilki Krosno in PGE Ekstralidze!

On an emotional and dramatic Saturday afternoon, Sylfast Wilkie Krosno beat Stealthy Fallopaz Zielona Gora with a score of 91:89 and advanced to BGE Extraliga. The last round of the rematch was crucial to everything!

Simon Michalsky

Andrei Lebedev

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Krupa / Pictured: Andrzej Lebiediew

It was hot even before the rematch. The meeting between Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra and Cellfast Wilki Krosno was originally scheduled for September 18, but the day before a decision was made to cancel the competition and move it to next week. The visitor camp did not fully agree with such a ruling. Michai Venva’s statement and later entry was widely echoed in social media.

Wolves Cellfast Manager Post a photo in sunglasses From the stadium at 69 Wrocławska St. Finfa send an alert simultaneously to all tourists staying in Zielona Góra. Guests wanted to play the competition on the original date because the locals, after it rained, would be denied the advantage of their own track. In addition, Max Frick suffered an injury in Saturday’s Grand Prix and his performance last week will be a big question mark.

We turn, however, to the most important, the sport itself. The citizens of Krosno came to Zielona Gora with a ten-point lead over the first game. By the meeting itself, Wilkie was right to lament that no greater progress could have been made by a point. Before the rematch, optimism reigned in both the Fallopaz team and the team of nearly fifty thousand residents of Krosno.

Watch the video honestly Michelsen about his injury. He pointed to the moment that kept him out of the competition in the final

The match was preceded by a farewell to sports legend Zielona Góra, Piotr Protasiewicz. The 47-year-old nicknamed competitor decided to leave the fast track track. His farewell happened during a very important match for Fallopaz. After thanking Protasiewicz for all these years, it’s time to start competing for the PGE Ekstraliga.

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And in the opening, he showed which chapter the last match was. It looked like Krocian would start with a solid, double win in the first half. This was not allowed by Protasiewicz, who dealt with two remote competitors. In the junior race, pulling from Leszino Fallopaz gave five points, and after the first series, Zilona Gora scored six points from the first game (15:9).

It seems that in the second series the guests will adapt to the track. Nothing could be more wrong. Tobiasz Musielak wandered like a child in the fog, and the only competitor who could achieve individual victories was Andrzej Lebediew. Latvia had two “three” next to his name and it was mainly thanks to him that the citizens of Krosno were still in the lead in the aggregate, although it was minuscule, because it was a two-point match. But the Fallopaz players made a better impression.

However, it was hot in the next series. In the eighth heat, Max Frick and Tobias Musilak practically touched the bars at the same time. The judge faced a huge dilemma due to a communication case. In the end, the Australian was disqualified, putting Wolves with a good chance of a repeat.

However, there was much controversy in it. At the entrance to the first arch, Musilak walked sharply under the elbow of Maxim Boroviak. To the astonishment of the fans, the judge … excluded the guest player from the replay, although he did not even touch the youth of Fallopaz. He did not agree with the judge’s decision, among other things, in the studio of Canal + Marek Cieślak. In the next iteration there was a tie.

In the ninth round, Wilków’s training crew of the Tactical Reserve sent its commander, Andrzej Lebedev, into battle. This move paid off because the Krosniks were able to earn two points. Latvia also entered the 10th race and stole the show again. Thanks to him, the guests began to catch up and after the third round, Fallopaz was in the lead, but “only” 33:27.

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Zielona Góra started the fourth series with a big hit. The Kvech-Protasiewicz duo won twice, giving Fallopaz a ten-point advantage, and there was a tie on aggregate. After the locals won 4-2 in the second round. Fallopaz led by two points on aggregate. But the citizens of Krosno did not lay down their arms. The training staff in the person of Michał Finfa and Ireneusz Kwieciński decided to send Vaclav Milik as part of the tactical reserve. He achieved the desired effect, because the Czechs gave “number one”, but Lebedev was the first, and before the candidate races there was a 84:84 draw, which promoted the hosts.

However, in the first round, there was a fatal accident between Mateusz Szczebaniak and Max Frick. Of course, the most important thing was the health of the players themselves, but this situation happened at a very crucial moment for the fate of the match. After Frick was eliminated from the replay, Krosno won 4:2 in the replay and advanced by two points on aggregate.

Therefore, the last race was decisive for the promotion to the PGE Ekstraliga. In it, Protasiewicz was in the lead from the start, but at the end of the field was Rohan Tungate. The Australian doubled down and troubled to pass Melek third, which would give Fallopaz an upgrade to PGE Extraliga. Nothing like that happened and Wilkie Krosno scored in the Elite for the 2023 season!

punctuation marks:

Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Gora – 49 points
9. Piotr Protasiewicz – 11 + 2 (3.1*, 2.2*, 3)
10. Krzysztof Buczkowski – 9 (3,2,0,2,2)
11. Rohan Tonget – 7 + 1 (0.3.1*, 3.0)
12. Jan Kfish – 7 + 1 (1*, 1, 2, 3)
13. Max Frick – 5 (2.3, t, 0, s)
14. Maxim Borovyak – 5 (3,1,1)
15th. Anthony Mencel – 5 + 1 (2*, 0.2.1)
16. Matthews Tonder – ns

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Silfast Wilkie Krosno – 41 points
1. Vaclav Melek – 10 + 1 (2,2,3,1,1,1*)
2. Rafay Krezmars – ns
3. Tobias Mosilac – 4 + 1 (1 *, 0, in, -, 3)
4. Mateusz Scheppanyak – 8 (2,2,3,0,1)
5. Andrei Lebedev – 15th (3,3,1,3,3,2)
6. Francesc Karsevsky – 1 (1,0,0.0)
7. Krzysztof Sadorsky – (0.0, -)
8. kenan roe – 3 + 1 (t, 1*, 2)

Running after running:
1. (61.01) Protasiewicz, Milik, Musielak, Tungate – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (62.00) Borowiak, Mensel, Karczewski, Sadurski – 5:1 – (8:4)
3. (61.72) Lepidio, Frick, Kvich, Karsevsky – 3:3 – (11:7)
4. (61.94) Buczkowski, Shchepanyak, Boroviak, Karsevsky – 4: 2 – (15: 9)
5. (63,43) Tongt, Szkepaniak, Kfish, Musilak – 4: 2 – (19:11)
6. (62.53) Frick, Melek, Roy, Mencel – 3:3 – (22:14)
7. (61.82) Lepidio, Buczkowski, Protasevich, Sadorsky – 3:3 – (25:17)
8. (61.41) Szczepaniak, Mensel, Boroyak, Musilac (w/su) – 3:3 – (28:20)
9. (61.53) Milik, Protasevich, Lebedio, Buczkowski – 2:4 – (30:24)
10. (61.72) Lepidio, Kvich, Tongt, Karsevsky – 3:3 – (33:27)
11. (62.91) Kvech, Protasiewicz, Milik, Szczepaniak – 5:1 – (38:28)
12. (63.22) Tungate, Rew, Mencel, Karczewski – 4: 2 – (42:30)
13. (63,22) Lepidio, Buczkowski, Melek, Frick – 2:4 – (44:34)
14. (63.12) Musielak, Buczkowski, Szczepaniak, Fricke (w/u) – 2:4 – (46:38)
15th. (63.51) Protasevich, Lepidio, Melek, Tonget – 3:3 – (49:41)

Judge: Artur Kuimers
track host: Krzysztof Okopsky
Technical Commissioner: Marcin Bordevic
Chairman of the jury: Zbigniew Kuśnierski
observer: Remigiusz Substyk
GKSŻ delegate: Zbigniew Fiałkowski
Starter pack: And the
tie result: 91:89 for Cellfast Wilków

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