September 21, 2021

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slag.  We got to know the name of the new president of Unia Tarnów!

slag. We got to know the name of the new president of Unia Tarnów!

“Nowa Unia” is the slogan that accompanies Unia Tarnów’s various social media posts. One piece of this puzzle is the new CEO, who has been a man associated with Speedway for more than 30 years.

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Nils Christian Iverson

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The Supervisory Board of Unia Tarnów ŻSSA has completed the qualification procedure, the purpose of which was to appoint a new president of the club. This job was entrusted to Krzysztof Lechowicz.

He has been racing in Tarnów for over thirty years, primarily as a fan, but also as one of the founders of the fan club in 1999.

He was the organizer of many trips and meetings at the legendary Speedway Pizza in ul. Krakowska and Club Gwiesda.

He was also active in organizing matches and ongoing club activities in the years 1999-2001 – we read about the new president in the announcement made by the Tarnów Association.

The new president of Unia Tarnów is a 46-year-old graduate of the Rzeszów University of Technology. He worked professionally in two private companies where he was among others Director and Production Manager. In addition, he worked as a press spokesperson and was responsible for human resources in the regular forces.

On a personal note, he is passionate about music and sports. Krzysztof Lechowicz has four ambitious plans for the coming months. – I thank the Supervisory Board for the trust given to me, I would like to rebuild the club so that people love it again and visit Mościce again in great numbers. First of all, the club’s image must be reconstructed. I have a great fondness for it and would like to #NowaUnia #PowrotemDoKorzeni. The cooperation with local governments, which I would like to rebuild, will be very important to me. Furthermore, there is a need to unite the local shepherds who have worked with the Tarnów Highway for years. Of course, it is very important for me to continue working with the main partner of the club – Grupa Azoty – says, quoted by the website.

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Secondly, rebuilding the cooperation between the club and the fans. The fans are the key to success for me, and the success of our motorcyclists is our common goal and the joy of what is happening in our club – he adds.

– The third aspect of #ReturnDoKorzeni – Focus on training the youth, and thus building a future team based on as many pupils as possible. I would like to place great emphasis on the development of the Highway School – announces.

– The fourth area I will be interested in will be trying to enhance the environment of the Tarnow Highway. Many well-known and beloved motorcyclists, coaches and activists come from it. I hope that they will be pleased to visit the facility in Tarnów and that there will be an opportunity to meet and exchange many opinions. Every voice deserves to be heard in the context of rebuilding the club. When I represent the club, I will also remember those players or activists who have already left us for eternal rest.

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