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slag. Will players start escaping from Stal Gorzów? “You have to put out the fire as quickly as possible.”

slag.  Will players start escaping from Stal Gorzów?  "You have to put out the fire as quickly as possible."

Marek Gerzeb heard money laundering charges and was detained for three months. It’s a tough time for the Bermuda Stal Gorzo wave. – There is a fire and you have to put it out as quickly as possible, because it will be really bad – says Marta Butorak.

Jaroslav Galewski

Bartosh Zmarzlik

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Bartosz Zmarzlik

The National Tax Administration in Olsztyn arrested the head of the Speedway steel company on Tuesday by order of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. The case concerns warehouse invoices, ie VAT fraud. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the amount is more than 66 million PLN as a result of prohibited actions.

On Thursday, a hearing was held with the participation of Marek Gerzeb (the president requests the release of the full data and the photo). The steel chief does not admit guilt, but the court issued a decision on imprisonment for three months. The prosecutor’s office justified the request for arrest against Grzyb with fear of fraud on the part of the suspect and the threat of severe punishment (up to 12 years). – The court confirmed that there was a high probability that an act had been committed – Prosecutor Marcin Sado admitted.

The whole situation is deeply affecting My Bermuda Steel. Upcoming matches in PGE Ekstraliga matches ahead of the club. Besides, it is no secret that the transfer period has already begun in Polish motorsport. However, the club in Gorzow is home to, among others, two-time world champion Bartosz Smarzlik, whose participation in several teams will interest you.

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Watch the video highway. Mirosław Jabłoński has an idea how to improve judging

– I am not one of those people who pass judgments before the courts. Prosecutors took action, and the president was arrested, but he was not convicted with a final verdict. Until that happens, there is a presumption of innocence. We must think in our heads that the case may take a year, two or five years and the president may be acquitted of the charges, comments Marta Butorak, former president of Staal Rzeszow.

In her opinion, time is now playing at the expense of the Gorzów club. – The residents of Gorzow cannot be fired because that would end very badly. It is good that the club makes a quick statement, because it was a necessary first step, but I will add right away that it is definitely not enough. There is a fire and it should not be allowed to spread. You need to turn it off as soon as possible – explains Półtorak.

So what should Stahl do to salvage the situation and prevent the players from escaping from the club? Ideally, Stahl’s boss himself would resign until the matter was clarified. It will be the best. In addition, the club must indicate as soon as possible the person who will head it from now on and who will talk with the players. He has to be someone who can be trusted in this environment. This cannot be postponed. I suppose there are such people in Gorzow – explains Półtorak.

The former president also argues that the city’s mayor has an important role to play. The reaction is in the interest of the city that spends money on the club or is involved in the organization of the Grand Prix. The chief must intervene as soon as possible, because his presence can bring a lot of good – it sums up.

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