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slag. Will there be a sudden transfer with the participation of Maxim Drapik ?!

slag.  Will there be a sudden transfer with the participation of Maxim Drapik ?!

There are many indications that Maxim Drabeck will be the second motorway rider after Mikkel Michaelsen to leave Motor Lublin. As we found out, the 24-year-old chose another club’s offer.

Jaroslav Galewski

Maxim Drabeck

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Chęć / Pictured: Maxim Drabek

Until recently, it seemed that Motore would build a very strong squad and would be the main contender for gold in the 2023 season. All thanks to Bartosz Zmarzlik’s transfer from Mogi Bermuda Staly Gorzo. Our information shows that his move to Lublin is a foregone conclusion.

However, things got complicated later, because Mikkel Michaelsen was going to get a very attractive offer from Włókniarz. The Dane will likely use him and move to Jasna Góra, where he will replace Fredrik Lindgren.

There are many indications that Maxim Drapek will not be staying in Lublin either. The engine wanted to keep it, but there probably was no chance of that. We’ve heard from other club activists that Drapek will definitely be leaving Motors.

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Where will you go? Some activists claim that the more realistic direction is Włókniarz, which has a gap in the top line-up, because Bartosz Smektaa will go to Fogo Unia Leszno.

Let’s add that the group of clubs interested in the services of Drabik recently exchanged ZOOleszcz GKM, but we know nothing of the conclusion of these talks in Grudziądz. My Bermuda Stal Gorzów is also looking for a pole, because Bartosz Zmarzlik is leaving the motorbike, but this trend in the case of Drabik seems less likely.

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At the moment, it is difficult to say whether Motor will look for a replacement for Drabik or will bet on Wiktor Lampart, with whom he has an important contract. However, the residents of Lublin will definitely have to find a player to fill the void left by Michelsen, and it will not be easy, because the choice on the market is very limited.

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