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slag. Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk has unveiled the cards. Brand new squad lineup!

slag.  Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk has unveiled the cards.  Brand new squad lineup!

Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk introduced the crew for the next season. There is only one rookie on the team from last year. The accents of the entire team have changed.

Michel Gazewski

Team Zdunek Wybrzeża Gdańsk

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Rosochacki / Pictured: Team Zdunek Wybrzeża Gdańsk

Last season, the Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk team was counting on the leaders. Now the lineup looks more even.

Gdansk residents had trouble forming U-24. As previously announced by the club, Leszno Keynan Rew, on loan from Fogo Unia, has joined the squad.

The second rider able to ride both under-24 and under-23 positions is Mads Hansen, who recently scored points for the Trans MF Landshut Devils. The Dane is the junior world vice-champion from 2021. The acquisition of two foreign players who aspire to be among the best U-24 players in the league will give Eric Joviac plenty of room to maneuver. Both will be able to replace both Polish and foreign players.

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The Gdansk residents also contracted with two other Danes. Joining the team from Seashore is former Grand Prix participant Michael Jepsen Jensen, who has spent most of his career at PGE Ekstraliga and whose profile does not need to be introduced to anyone, as well as Nicolai Klindt, who is well known to fans.

Zdonik Webbersis Gdansk 2023Zdonik Webbersis Gdansk 2023

Daniel Kaczmarek also became the new national senior. The contender who won two gold medals in the Polish Youth Singles Championship is waiting for his real chance. In 2021, he had little command of the Arged Malesa Ostrów and used the Show Metalika Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz. In the second Speedway League, Kaczmarek was one of the best players in the entire tournament and now he’s back to a higher level. It is at such an age that he could decide the path of his further career.

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According to previous information, Miłosz Wysocki, coming from Grudziądz, who made his debut in the league last season in the colors of Zdunek Wybrzeża, will get a chance. The contract with the Gdansk club was also extended by the talented Mateusz Zubowski. A competitor who has succeeded in the small slag and in the 250cc class as of May 15, after turning 16, will be eligible to start the league. Half a year ago, Jacob Kowalski, another schoolboy from the coast with a highway license, celebrates his sixteenth birthday. Before the start of the season, residents of Gdansk borrow one young man.

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Current squad: PGE Ekstraliga | eWinner 1. League | 2. Motorcycle racing

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Will the Zdunek Wybrzeza formation be stronger than it was in 2022?

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