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Śląsk Wrocław lost points. Warta Pozna plays as in the previous season

Śląsk Wrocław lost points.  Warta Pozna plays as in the previous season

Wrocław is the leading team last season, which qualified for the European Cups. However, Warta Pozna was also close to this qualification. These are not the times a year ago, when Pozna players, as beginners, went out to play with teams like Olsk Wroclaw and were in trouble with stage fright. Now it seems that Warta is a mature team that continues such a successful previous season, even though it has lost several important players.

First of all, Makana Baku, the hallmark of the quality of men’s attacks, disappeared. Many experts believed that in this case Warta would not look like it was a year ago, but they were wrong. The goal scored by the guests for Alsk was the result of excellent cinematography in the style of the old Makana Baku game. This time, a new addition to Pozna residents, Szymon Czyż, who first appeared in Ekstraklasa, has a big side. Former youth team player Lech Poznan and Arca Gdynia have returned to Poland after playing in Italy. He crossed the ball perfectly, and Jan Grzek gave Warta the lead with a superb shot worthy of the striker.

He deserved it well, because, although the start of the match was even and Silesia had chances, he did not make an accurate shot in this half, and Warta – four. Wroclaw did not want to blame the travels in Eurasia, because only on Friday they returned from the cup trip to Armenia for the match with Ararat Yerevan, but it was clear that they had a problem. He put in new players such as Diogo Verdasca or midfielder Petr Schwarz of Raków Częstochowa, but he did not play as effectively as in the cups. He lost to Warta centered on the field, and was reliant on counterattacks.

The coach, Jacek Magiera, made two changes during the break, taking players who couldn’t handle the field. He was spreading his power to control the game that got out of his hands with Warta, but he was also thinking of a rematch with the Armenians. And it was the reserve players who played the action that gave Olenske a draw. Bartłomiej Pawłowski played for Robert Petsch, who scored the goal quite happily.

After the break, Silesia played incomparably better. It has now become dynamic, dangerous and creates new opportunities. Eric Exposito excelled in this in particular, as he finally took advantage of a mistake by Finnish defender Robert Ivanov, participating in the Euro 2020 tournament, and threw the ball into the net. She bounced off the post and surprised Poznan goalkeeper Adrian Lis. The citizens of Wroclaw regained control of the outcome and the meeting. The Greens performed very poorly at the time.

However, Warta painted an almost identical picture of what Silesia did after the break. Coach Piotr Tworek made two substitutions, the action followed and after a corner kick substitute Mateusz Czyżycki hit the ball outside the penalty area. Now the goalkeeper of Wroclaw was surprised.

Silesia lost a win that was already in their hands after a very good second half (with a very bad first). Moreover, he could still score with a third goal, but Warta was lucky and Adrien’s reaction was not. On the other hand, Jan Grzek from Warta scored the goal of Wroclaw in overtime.

Goals: 0-1 Grzesik (27), 1-1 Pich (50th place), 2-1 Exposito (63rd place), 2-2 Czyżycki (76th place).

ŚLĄSK: Szromnik – Bejger, Lewkot Ż, Verdasca – Musonda (46. Pawłowski), Mączyński, Schwarz, Stiglec Ż (64. Garcia) – Saturday (46. Puch), Exposito (83. Piasecki), Praszelik (73. Quintana)

WARTA: Lis – Grzesik, awniczak, Ivanov, Kiełb (76. Rodriguez) – Corryn (61. Matuszewski), Kupczak, Czyż (67. Czyżycki), Trałka, Jakóbowski – Kuzimski (76. Zrelak)

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