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Slim Rebel Wilson complains: ‘People are obsessed with my weight’

Slim Rebel Wilson complains: 'People are obsessed with my weight'

Rebel Wilson Over the years, she was distinguished from other actresses by a plump figure. At the same time, she confirmed that she accepted herself completely, which is why she was A role model and “inspiration” for other obese women.

Despite the assurances of self-acceptance, the actress decided to lose weight at some point. She underwent an amazing transformation, after which she was impressed by her slim figure, and fans wrote to her Sounds like a “different person”.

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In a recent interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, the 41-year-old opened up about her “public obsession” with her body.

In 2019 four films were released, two of which were produced and one, jojo rabbitfor an Academy Award in the Best Picture category. However, the press preferred to write about my weight loss anyway. Also foreign media They cared more about me when I was the hardest – Complain.


the rebel However, he maintains that although he is frustrated, he understands that people care more about the topic of weight loss.

People are obsessed with my weight. But I understand. me for example I love Oprah who finds it difficult to eat And every time she talked about it, I watched her show – He says.

Wilson is pleased that she has been able to change her lifestyle to a healthier one. She admits that she learned how to deal with it Usually “emotional eating”.


The paparazzi recently discovered a star Wearing leggings while walking about Los Angeles. Is her transformation impressive?

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