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Slovenia helped Poland in the Brazil match! This is what a League of Nations table looks like

Slovenia helped Poland in the Brazil match!  This is what a League of Nations table looks like

Early on Tuesday, Polish volleyball players took the opportunity to catch up with the Brazilians. They may have won 3-0 with Canada and cemented their position to second place in the League of Nations table. To reduce the advantage to the captain, they had to rely on the Slovenes to perform very well and score points in the match against the Brazilians.

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Vital Heinen was surprised by the results of the Poles. Choosing a configuration is impossible

Great advice by Lucarelli

The first set of this meeting was exciting. The Slovenes won at 25:15! In the next batch Brazilians They won after a thrilling 25:22 finish. However, they started the third set poorly, losing 1:5 and 5:14. However, the recovery of the three-time world champions (from 2002, 2006 and 2010) was excellent, as they led to the tiebreak in strong style, winning the fourth set 25:13.

Riccardo Lucarelli, previously on the bench for a long time, appeared in the decisive match at 12:12. Register immediately ace service. Moments later, this 29-year-old host sent another “bomb” and paraded his co-workers with an effective mass. The match ended with an unsuccessful attack from the middle, directly into the net, the center of the Slovenes – Jan Kozamirnik.

The most points for the winners are: Wallace de Souza (18) and Joandre Lille (17), and for Slovenian Klimen Sibolj (16) who plays in Asecco Resovii Rzeszów.

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After this victory, the Brazilians still beat the Poles, but not by three, but by two. But most importantly, they scored another victory.

Wednesday, the team Vitala Heinina He will play with Japan. The match starts on the 15th. The Brazilians will play Iran (at the age of 21).

Sensation in LN!  The weak defeated the billionaire and scored the first points!Sensation in LN! The weak defeated the billionaire and scored the first points!

Other results for Tuesday:

  • Poland – Canada 3: 0,
  • Russia – Serbia 3: 1,
  • Iran – Australia 2: 3,
  • Japan – Germany 3: 0,
  • Argentina – Bulgaria 3-1
  • Italy – USA 0: 3,
  • France – Holland 2: 3,
  • Brazil – Slovenia 3: 2.

Table after round 10:

  1. Brazil 10 26 27: ​​7 (9 wins)
  2. Poland 10 24 25: 8 (8)
  3. France 10 22 27:16 (7)
  4. Slovenia 10 20 25:14 (7)
  5. Serbia 10 19 24:18 (7)
  6. Russia 10 20 24:17 (6)
  7. Japan 10 16 22:19 (6)
  8. Iran 10 18 22:17 (5)
  9. USA 10 15 17:16 (5)
  10. Argentina 10 14 16:19 (5)
  11. Germany 10 13 19:23 (4)
  12. Italy 10 11 16:22 (4)
  13. Canada 10 7 12:24 (2)
  14. Bulgaria 10 7 11:26 (2)
  15. Netherlands 10 6 11:28 (2)
  16. Australia 10 2 5:29 (1)
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