October 21, 2021

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Slovenia - Italy.  Incredible emotions in the final.  The Italians are the European champions!

Slovenia – Italy. Incredible emotions in the final. The Italians are the European champions!

On Sunday, it was time for the decisive results of the European Volleyball Players Championship. We saw two kinds of dessert at “Spodik” in Katowice. The first was with the participation of the Poles, who had to recognize the supremacy of Slovenia in the European Championship again in recent years in recent years. The second match is with the aforementioned Italians and Slovenes who defeated the defending Serbs on Saturday.

Before Sunday’s title fight, it was difficult to determine the unambiguous favorite. On the one hand, distinguished and technically playing Slovenes, on the other hand, young Italians hungry for success with 19-year-old Alessandro Micheletto.

Despite the fact that we no longer see the Poles on the field, the atmosphere of the volleyball holiday reigned in the stands. The Polish fans who stayed in the final created an unforgettable spectacle with the Italian and Slovenian supporters. The standard of the meeting itself was also excellent. The Slovenes played similarly in the last two groups against Biao-Cerunić, while the Italians fought bravely, but in the first group they had to admit the superiority of the volleyball players of Alberto Giuliani. The first match ended with the score 25:22 after Alina Skate’s serve. The party, like the entire match, was filled with murderous acts.

As befits the last scene, in the second half, the ground recovering losses were restored. Unlike the previous matches, Simone Gianelli could not resist the match against Alessandro Michieletto, because the opponents who were tactically well prepared were waiting for it. The volleyball players, led by Ferdinando de Giorgi, distributed the burden of the offensive game to all the players and it worked. The Slovenes cut their trips, were banned five times and the group finished with a clear victory for the Italians 25:20.

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The third party was controlled by Giuliani volleyball players from start to finish. They quickly gained a two-point lead of 3:1, 4:2, only to jump to a three-point 11:8 after a while and give themselves some peace. Alen Bajnik (6 points) and Tunsik Stern (5 points) starred in the Slovenian national team. Stress will eventually fill you up. Since 20:17 they have lost three business in a row. After the break at the request of Giuliani, the Slovenes immediately left Italy, not giving up any points until the end of the group.

The volleyball festival was in full swing in the stands. The level of the match was at such a great level that you would never want to finish. The calculations showed that if the Slovenes won the first set, the Italians won the second and the Slovenes won the third, then in the fourth set it could not be different from the victory of the Italians. So it happened. Di Giorgi’s volleyball players did not reduce their flights, withstood the pressure and defeated the current European champion runners-up 25:20, the main driving force of Italy was Daniele Lafia (6 points) and reserve Yuri Romano (7 points).

The finalists also had a very balanced and dramatic fight in the tiebreak. The Slovenians who owned the first three stocks showed a strong opening. The Italians immediately responded and took four more in a row. The Italians, who delivered a great rhythm at the end of the match, left both sides with a one point lead. The overwhelming Michelto and the counter-Italians gave their lead by four points and the final was already decided. The Slovenes don’t jump from this anymore. finally

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Slovenia – Italy 2:3 (25:22, 20:25, 25:20, 20:25, 11:15)

Slovenia: Gregor Robert, Tonsic Stern, Clement Sibolge, Tyne Ornot, Jan Kozamirnik, Allen Bajnik, Jani Kovacic (Libro)

Italy: Simone Giannelli, Gianluca Galassi, Simone Anzani, Alessandro Micheletto, Daniel Lafia, Giulio Biennale, Fabio Palasso (free)

Rule: Wojciech Marozec


Match path:

set: 8-6, 16-12, 21-14, 25-22

the second group: 6-8, 13-16, 18-21, 20-25

Third group: 8-7, 16-12, 21-20, 25-20

IV group: 8-6, 13-16, 17-21, 20-25

V group: 5-4, 7-10, 8-12, 11-15

From Katowice – Maciej Trubsky, Unit Sport