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Snow in Denmark. Customers trapped in an IKEA store

Snow in Denmark.  Customers trapped in an IKEA store

  • A large area of ​​Denmark, including the capital, Copenhagen, was hit by a snow storm that hampered traffic and caused temporary blackouts.
  • 6 customers and more than 20 IKEA employees are trapped inside the store
  • More than 300 tourists stuck in Aalborg Airport because of the snowstorm only dreamed of comfortable beds
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A dream come true for many

A large area of ​​Denmark, including the capital, Copenhagen, was hit by a snowstorm on Wednesday Blocking traffic and causing temporary power outages. The snow also caused the suspension of some flights and public transportation.

Customers who decided on Wednesday evening to shop at the famous furniture store chain Aalborg in northern Denmark, had the opportunity to fulfill the dream of many a relaxing moment in a comfortable large bed with countless pillows and decorations. When a snow storm broke out over the city 6 customers and more than 20 IKEA employees are trapped inside the store.

In cozy interiors, straight from the catalog, weathered collection Decided to take advantage of a variety of accommodation and dining offers Gallery. As a couple stuck in the store says:

– We were so happy to find a shelter.

“Driving on the roads was very dangerous,” Peter Elmose, store manager, commented, adding, “We couldn’t get our employees to take risks.”

Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP/AFP

snow in denmark

The indoor conditions on that snowy evening also encouraged employees of a nearby toy store to join the roaming group in the IKEA showroom.

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“It’s so much better than sleeping in your own car,” admitted Michelle Barrett, who worked next door to the furniture store.

There were potato chips and the famous Swedish cinnamon roll and watching TV together. Showroom manager allowed customers too “Choose exactly the bed you’ve always wanted to try.”

“It was a really great evening,” Elmose said, praising the mattresses of the Swedish furniture store chain, “Everyone slept through the night.”

Hundreds of passengers camped at the airport

She only dreamed of a comfortable bed More than 300 touristsWho got stuck in Albork Airport because of the snow storm. Hundreds of travelers Forced to stay at the station all night After flights stop in the afternoon, The deteriorating conditions made it impossible for buses to transport passengers, even to nearby hotels.

– We’re handing out blankets. We’re assuming everyone will be staying here all night, Kim Berman, Aalborg Airport Operations Director, predicted Wednesday night.

Źródło: BBC, Nordjyske, TV2Nord

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