October 23, 2021

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So fell Artur Szpilka!  Ró¿añski may have ended his career

So fell Artur Szpilka! Ró¿añski may have ended his career

At the evening duel KBN 15 concert in Rzeszów Artur Zbelka (24-5, 16 KO) faced Bridger’s weight belt with Łukasz Różański (14-0, 13 KO). There were supposed to be passions, and there was supposed to be bad blood. There was everything. pin He started this duel perfectly, because he hit Łukasz Różański on the boards with a first blow. His problem was that the boxer from Rzeszow got up and in the first round sent Szpilka to the carpet three times.

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Różański: Szpilka was smart and insulted me in front of my girlfriend

The third time the judge no longer counted even Szpilka, but he stopped Walks. Artur could not get up on his own, so coach Andrei Liszyk and other members took Zbelka to the corner. The boxer had a misleading vision. Anyway, see for yourself:

This is how Artur Szpilka lost:

It was the toughest psychology battle of my career. Różański . said. For Szpilka, this is the fifth failure in his career. And perhaps the last, because perhaps the boxer is ending his career now. It is already known that he will not work in boxing, and will gladly accept Szpilka KSW I MMA’s fame.

Boniek mercilessly commented on the failure of Szpilka. Quickly delete the entry

On the other hand, Różański is likely to compete for the world championship in a new weight category – the bridge, that is, up to 101.6 kg. Earlier, he defeated the rival of Rzeszów, among others Albert Sosnowski and Ezo Ogunoha.

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Other fights in the KP15 concert

– I’d like to thank Adam Palsky for the fight. It deserves respect. I’m fucking…le! How many hits did he take – said Mateusz Masternak, who fought his 44th professional fight at the KP15 gala. He defeated Balsky on points.

Earlier, Pawe Stłpieę – also on points – beat Deneb Diaz in the fight for the Intercontinental Light Heavyweight Heavyweight Championship.