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Solaris employees are fighting for higher wages. They voted to cancel a general strike

Solaris employees are fighting for higher wages.  They voted to cancel a general strike

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employees Solar They have been fighting for a wage increase for several months. On December 8, a strike referendum was launched, and other meetings with the administration were organized during this time.

Solaris did not meet the expectations of the employees

The last meeting was held on January 14. Solaris proposed increases in the total amount of PLN 270 per employee. The trade unions considered it a billWhere “a compromise proposal was presented as something the employer would have made anyway.” Solaris said the increases will be implemented from The first of January. The evidence for the action is the opinion trade unionists Sending a letter to the staff immediately after the meeting, which was to demonstrate that it had been prepared earlier with the conviction that Solaris’ proposal was rejected.

More information from the state on Home page of

NSZZ”symbiosisSolaris Bus & Coach has informed that they will not accept wage increases of less than PLN 400 total per employee.

General strike in Solaris

The referendum on the strike lasted more than a year and a half Messi ± California. At that time, unionists visited counties and other employees to collect votes. In the end, voting ended on January 18.

we’ve got! The massive mobilization of Solaris Bus & Coach employees allowed us to win the strike referendum!

– Flag unionists on Facebook social networking site.

1,342 voters voted in the referendum, i.e. 51.7%. authorized. to do He hits 1,244 people were in favor of the general – up to 92.7 percent. All voters.

This is an unequivocally devastating result. This gives us a strong mandate for further work

– “Solidarity” activists summarize.

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The result of the vote means that the general strike of Solaris employees will begin on Monday, January 24 at 6.00. It will be running until further notice.

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