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Solorz has launched a solar farm. It is the largest in Poland. “Milestone in Energy Conversion”

Solorz has launched a solar farm.  It is the largest in Poland.  "Milestone in Energy Conversion"

solar power plant It was built by the eSoleo and PAK Serwis consortium. The owner of this installation is ZE PAK group Zygmunt SoulsThe group will be one of the consumers of electricity polsat Plus. The photovoltaic farm was built on the previous site mine wegla lignite Adamów in the municipality of Brudzew (Greater Poland Voivodeship).

The power plant consists of 155,554 photovoltaic units with a capacity of 455 watts each and covers about 100 hectares of land – We read in the statement of the ZE PAK group. The farm has a capacity of 70 megawatts and is the largest in Poland. 306 transformers and more than 900 kilometers of cable and optical fibers were used in its construction.

  • See what Poland’s largest solar power plant looks like. Click “Open Gallery” under the main image

Billionaires unite for corn. Solorz and Solowow are building a nuclear power plant

“This is one of the biggest investments in green energy”

The farm fence itself, with 16 entry gates, is 12 km long. There are 31 transformer stations on the site of the power station, each with a capacity of 2 MVA. Pallets for the PV modules have been processed into sheets of plywood that will be used to produce furniture, according to ZE PAK Group.

“This is one of the largest investments in green energy made by private capital in Poland. Currently our largest modern solar power plant in Poland is another milestone in the transformation. energy Both ZE PAK and the entire Wielkopolska region. We want PAK to generate energy only from renewable sources by 2030 – incl. From sun, wind and biomass. Soon we will launch green production in Konin hydrogen, which is the fuel of the future – said Piotr Woźny, President of ZE PAK SA.

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gas (illustration)Gas price increase in installments. The Parliamentary Energy Committee adopted the bill

Solar energy will reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

During the construction of Poland’s largest solar farm, eSoleo involved, among other things, former miners who are retraining and implementing new renewable energy projects. “distracts Turecki and Brudzew – the lignite mine area a few years ago, today green energy production – is a true symbol of Poland’s energy transformation. Thanks to an investment of PLN 163.8 million net – built entirely with private funds – the reclaimed area has regained its value in use and is an example of how energy transformation has been implemented in Poland, including the creation of new premises work For people leaving the mining industry – explains Piotr Woźny.

The photovoltaic farm in Brudzewo will contribute to limiting atmospheric temperature rise – which is currently critical to halting the increase in climate warming. Annually, the power plant will produce approximately 68,188 megawatt-hours, which will translate into lower CO2 انبعاثات emissions At the level of 56.7 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year – we read in the statement of the ZE PAK group. She added that the current high energy prices are due, among other things, to the massive increase costs Carbon dioxide emissions allowances – Over the past year the cost of emitting one ton of carbon dioxide has increased by 156%. From 22.98 to about 59 euros per ton.

“Green energy flowed from Brudzewo two days before the start of the COP 26 climate summit, called the ‘last chance summit’ for the world to agree to stop global warming. Such investments show that with the consent of everyone: business, residents, local government, we can purpose Climate protection win ”- said Marius Klimchak, President of eSoleo Sp

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