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Sony is bad uncle and Microsoft is good? It’s not quite like that

Sony is bad uncle and Microsoft is good?  It's not quite like that
August 14, 2022, 11:52

Green complains that blue is holding him back with money. There is hustle and bustle on the Internet, because blue is not allowed to play like green. Another day in the office, another nonsense in the console world.

The console quagmire is getting hot again, and this time Microsoft decided to step in, accusing competitors from Sony of blocking the ability to add certain games to Game Pass. The Japanese company is supposed to pay the selected developers for it, and this, of course, does not like the other party, who will be happy to enrich his already extensive portfolio with these new titles. The news made a fuss on both sides of the bulkhead and, as is usually the case in such cases, became an excuse to confuse each other. In our backyard, Microsoft seems to be often defended, despite the fact that he himself has recently spent a lot of money on transactions aimed at making the life of his competitor difficult. However, no one in Poland criticizes this, because you can play novelties for PLN 4.

What’s called I have the deepest overall respect for ‘Console War’And I sincerely sympathize with the people who stubbornly defend their favorite online pyskówka platforms, especially when it comes to such cases as described above. You have to have real courage to try to play the victim in a situation where you define the territory yourself in cash, and in amounts far beyond what the competition can do. But what about you guys buying that shit with a kiss of the hand?

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Sony is bad uncle and Microsoft is good?  It's not quite so - Illustration #1

I will tell you a secret. Nobody really cares about you, not Sony or Microsoft. You are just a wallet with which the two parties to this “conflict” communicate. He is not a good uncle, neither the green nor the blue man. For a long time, they both paid a lot of money to get something that the competitor would not get, and the only thing that has changed over the years is the size. In the past, you would buy both single games (forever or for a while) and downloadable content, small and large. Today, most of all, you buy the studios, and if you have as much money as Microsoft, then also full-fledged publishers with an extensive portfolio. Transactions are accompanied by a round sentence to the public that we will honor existing contracts (Deathloop – Funny, previously “bought” by Sony) that we’ll allow a title on the competition console (Call of duty). All these assurances will be a vague memory in a few years. The giants are thinking long-term and spending tens of billions of dollars today, so that they may not have complete control over a particular brand tomorrow. And that control means one thing – you’ll either play it with our subscription or you won’t play it at all. A new example is this starfieldMore on the way.

I will not defend Sony, because it is clear that the Japanese company knows the rules of this game well and is bending over to minimize losses. Unfortunately for her, she does not have a wallet full of money like her direct competitor and cannot afford such incredible moves as the acquisition of Bethesda or Activision Blizzard. However, if that were the case, the situation would have been different, and fighting for the biggest third-party giants wouldn’t be a shot at the block, as it is now. By the way, now Sony plays the poor and disadvantaged in an exemplary way, but I have no illusions that with unlimited access to cash, it will do just like its green competitor.

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The only important thing is to fight for players’ money, and this is the real platform war. This goes beyond pyskówki in the forum, even in the forum. The goal is to upset the balance, to seize a large part of the market, and to bring about a situation in which the larger one does not necessarily devour the smaller, but ties his hands neatly. Ask yourself if this is a good solution, and if you agree to it today, consider its risks in the future. Contrary to appearances, there are a lot of them.

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