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Sony offered gaming equipment for a smartphone. The Japanese have prepared an unusual proposal

Sony offered gaming equipment for a smartphone.  The Japanese have prepared an unusual proposal

Sony did not show a gaming smartphone, but developed a special overlay for Sony Xperia 1 IV, thanks to which we can connect the device with different devices, enjoying complete comfort during the game.

The Japanese introduced the Sony Xperia 1 IV in May, and in June the device went on sale. The manufacturer has more extensive plans for the model and wants to make it a real gaming machine. In a special event, “Xperia Stream for Xperia 1 IV” has just been shown.

Under this mysterious name there is a case that is supposed to provide a strong grip, although this is only one of its features – The creators took into account cooling, and thanks to the large fan, the smartphone will maintain the right temperature even during very intense gaming. In addition, players should count on a more stable gameplay:

Optimizing cooling and energy release with Game Optimizer:

Game Optimizer displays your device’s status and automatically controls the fan when cooling is needed – or you can adjust the fan speed manually. By regulating the temperature of the device in this way, Game Optimizer helps to stabilize gaming performance. It also offers thermal boost, a custom setting for Xperia Stream, which enables the phone to handle extremely demanding workloads such as HD games and high frame rate games.”

We can also connect the phone to HDMI (full 120Hz support), headphones (3.5mm jack), USB-C port for charging, and … wired internet. LAN port will make players enjoy a very stable connection.

Currently, the Xperia Stream price for the Xperia 1 IV has not been confirmed, but I have some doubts about the legality of setting up such a proposal? The manufacturer emphasized that the model was developed in connection with the best esports players whose needs must be met. It must be remembered that due to its dimensions and the ports used, the proposal will not be compatible with all smartphones available on the market, and is only for Xperia.


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