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Sosuke on cyberattacks: Lessons must be learned from this

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Cyber ​​attacks on politicians are part of a mixed war; Law and Justice MP Marek Suski stressed that Poland is under attack, and Russia is aggressive, so we definitely have to learn from that. According to his knowledge, the rules of communication within the government will change.

Sosky on Wednesday in Telewizja Republika was asked about the cyber attacks affecting, inter alia, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhail Dorczyk. On Wednesday, at the request of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, a closed session of the Chamber of Deputies will be held, at which information about cyber attacks on Poland will be presented.

Bearing in mind that the situation regarding the break-in of the minister’s mailbox is a threat to state security, the PiS MP replied that “maybe state security is not that great, because confidential documents are not emailed at all.” “This top-secret, secret and secret correspondence was definitely not included in this correspondence. Of course, I don’t know what was there. We don’t know exactly. Today we will likely find out more at a secret session of the House of Representatives” – he said.

As he pointed out, you can fall victim to hacker attacks regardless of your mailbox. “Any security can be broken. Even if someone has bars in the windows and good locks, and someone breaks in, it is not the abused person or the person whose account has been hacked, but the victim” – emphasized Sosuke.

“But the fact is that it has been known since ancient times: if you want peace, prepare for war, so these guarantees must already be given. Perhaps a completely new information system can be implemented, without access to the Internet. You will not reveal what secret, “- he said.

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When asked whether the rules of communication within the government will change according to his information, the Law and Justice MP replied: “Yes, they will change.”

Sosuke emphasized that the hacker attacks are part of a mixed war. “Poland is under attack, Russia is aggressive, so it will definitely have to learn from this work,” he added.

The issue of cyber attacks was raised in the public eye last week. At the time, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery announced on Twitter that the relevant state services had been informed regarding reports of hacking of his email and his wife’s mailbox, as well as their social media accounts. He also stressed that “there was no confidential, proprietary, classified or top-secret information in the email inbox that was the subject of the hacked attack.”

On Tuesday, PiS deputy spokesman Radosław Fogiel said on Twitter that someone had tried to extort access to data on parliament members’ emails. “Anyone can be detected, and there is an ongoing arms race when it comes to Internet security,” he added.

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