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South Korea. The Army apologized for the rocket’s failure to launch successfully

South Korea.  The Army apologized for the rocket's failure to launch successfully

South Korea’s military has apologized for the missile launch during a joint exercise with the United States, sparking fears among residents of the coastal city of Gangneung, the BBC reported. The bullet fell and shattered. He was armed with a warhead that fortunately – as the South Korean military claimed – did not detonate.

armed forces America And South Korea launched missiles in response to an earlier North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test, the South Korean military’s General Staff announced Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, the US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii said US fighters and Japan Japan conducted joint exercises at sea. The South Korean military also conducted exercises using bombers with US forces.

Bright flames, rising smoke

The South Korean military confirmed hours after the incident that one of the launched missiles failed to work as expected, possibly due to some failure. The South Korean military said the missile was armed with unexploded warheads and apologized for the incident.

The announcement said that there was no loss of life.

South Korean missile forcesHandbook / AFP / Eastern News

Residents in the coastal city of Gangneung reported seeing a bright light and hearing an explosion around 1pm local time on Wednesday. Many of them posted photos and videos of the incident on social media. One of the footage showed bright flames and billowing smoke.

North Korean provocations

North Korean actions mentioned earlier It was the first time since 2017, when Pyongyang launched a rocket that flew over Japanese territory. The incident was followed by joint military drills immediately followed by Seoul and Washington firing missiles over the East Sea – also known as the Sea of ​​Japan – between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

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Tuesday’s North Korean rocket launch was Pyongyang’s fifth in a week. In September, North Korean officials passed legislation that would make the Pyongyang regime a nuclear-armed state and its leader. Kim Jong Un Rejected the opportunity to talk about nuclear disarmament.

Main photo source: Handbook / AFP / Eastern News

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