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Souza warned of Slovakia! But the omission of Polish footballers لاعبي [WIDEO] Polish representation

Souza warned of Slovakia!  But the omission of Polish footballers لاعبي [WIDEO] Polish representation

It’s been more than 48 hours since Poland’s defeat by Slovakia, and feelings haven’t subsided yet. No wonder – our players played a horrific match against an opponent who should have their fingertips. The Polish national team put itself in a very difficult position. To get out of the group for the euro, they have to score points against Spain and Sweden.

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Many fans and experts agree that coach Paulo Sousa is responsible for the disastrous performance with Slovakia. The Portuguese are not without wine, but a lot of Polish representatives can also be accused. Especially after the article published on “”czy Nas świat”‘ YouTube channel on Wednesday evening.

The video is 27 minutes long and the most interesting clips are between 16 and 18 minutes. Then we can listen to Souza’s comments to the players. He made them aware of the greatest strengths of the Slovak team. He pointed out the elements in which our competitors may pose the greatest threat to us. All is well.

First, let’s remember how the goals were scored for Slovakia.

Objective 1: 0:

In the 18th minute, left winger Robert Mack overtook two players: defender Bartosz Berezinski and midfielder Kamel Jowiak. The first failed to stop Mac, and the second theoretically secured his friend, but completely ineffectively. Then the Slovak came down to the finish line, hit our goal, and the ball bounced off Kamil Glick, then from Wojciech Szczesny and fell into the net.

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What did Souza say before the match?

  • “We must communicate, we must cover it briefly”
  • “One hides for a while and the other protects him.”
  • Left wing fast

Robert Mack begins his work:

Robert Mac | Screen / TVP Sport

Objective 2: 1:

It’s the 69th minute, and the Poles played poorly after Grzegorz Krychowiak’s red card for seven minutes. Competitors have an angle. Marek Hamsik approaches the ball and passes into the penalty area. The ball reached Milan Skriniar who was placed close to where he took the penalty. The AC Milan defender managed to take the ball, rotate and shoot without defending. Several of our players tried to annoy him, but they were too far from Skriniar.

What did Souza say before the match?

“Tomorrow in training we’ll just work on set pieces. Focusing mainly on our defensive process, OK? Skriniar is usually a key player for them here. They have three corner areas. The first is to anticipate the ball into a closer engagement, also with Skrinark, because it’s a point Bookmark them.And near the box, he makes small movements, he doesn’t need to move much, he is a strong man.We think of a short cover.To cover him individually.Also, when the cover is no bigger than him, he has to work with that cover to stop him, anticipating, and work with the body.

Milan Skriniar before he scored for us:

Milan SkriniarMilan Skriniar Screen / TVP Sport


Paulo Sousa educates the players on the left wing the acting Slovakia and Milan Skriniar with free kicks. Polish footballers lost goals after what exactly they should pay attention to. Skriniar was supposed to be checked individually and we left him alone in the penalty area.

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Items posted by PZPN It’s an indictment against MPs. Some fans and journalists say it is no coincidence that this was an attempt to defend Souza. The Portuguese explains to the players what to do. They failed completely, and did not implement the solutions he gave them. “Cover this one because it’s fast and the other at corner kicks because it’s the most dangerous” – that doesn’t sound like an impossible plan for players who play in Europe’s leading leagues.

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– I’ve never seen such a training charlatan yet – Former coach Francesc Smuda spoke about Paulo Sousa. As for the imposter, the Portuguese was very good at the tactics of the Slovak national team. The shameful omissions of our players are hard to explain. And Souza warned of how to act so that both goals we conceded are not scored.

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Souza was wrong too

And now it’s not about bleaching Paolo Sousa at any cost, because you can list his mistakes in one exhaust. These include:

  • Before the match with Slovakia, the Portuguese had never defended the three Bartosz Berezinski-Kamil Glick-Jan Bednarek, who went to the meeting in St. Petersburg, and had five matches to do so.
  • No need for Sebastian Szymanski, when it was clear that we needed someone with Slovakia to speed up the match in the middle of the field, when Pyotr Zelensky was failing
  • Another “six” could not be appointed to replace Grzegorz Krychowiak, who could not compete with Spain; Rafai Augustiniak will be his natural deputy, but he was only on the reserve list
  • Al-Mukhtar explained that he did not appoint anyone to replace the injured Arcadius Milik, because he did not find a suitable replacement for the Marseille player among the reserve players. For reasons that are not understood, there was no progression between the alternatives (eg Adam Buksa and Kacper Przybyło), and Souza was free to make up this list.
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Paulo Sousa has his ears. However, he is not the only one to blame – this is the main conclusion drawn from the material published by the “Łączy nas ball” channel.

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