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Space and Cyberspace – The Most Important Areas of American Competition with China

Space and Cyberspace - The Most Important Areas of American Competition with China

Before the Armed Forces Representative Committee on Wednesday’s hearing on the military budget General Millie And Pentagon President Lloyd Austin answered questions from congressmen concerned about the rise of China’s military. According to Mike Rogers, a leading Republican in the group, China now has the world’s largest navy and ground forces and is increasing its spending when proposed. President Joe Biden’s military budget is subject to minor cuts.

Responds Leader of the Joint Chiefs of StaffHe said the United States has a more powerful and dominant military force in every region. However, Millie admitted it China They have made great progress and can overtake the United States, but only if the United States “stands still.” At the same time, he noted the key areas for the fate of this competition, in which China is making significant progress.

“Cyberspace and Space Are Two Important Areas”

Cyberspace i The universe These are two important areas; The underwater area is the third. But there are also more confusing new technologies: hypersonic missiles (…) changing the relationship between man and machine, the connection to powerful computer systems that operate on a wide range of information technologies “- General mentioned, along with it The United States must be at the forefront of each of these areas. Otherwise, we will leave future generations in a very difficult position as far as China is concerned He announced.

Despite these concerns, both Millie and Austin pledged that the proposed military budget would respond to these challenges and look to the future. They both rejected it Charges Republicans say budget cuts are caused by pressure from the “extreme left” on spending on the “progressive agenda.” The president sees it from a broader perspective – not only about military strength, but also about the strength of the state and the nation. It is about integrated strength. It is important to have a healthy economy and a skilled workforce because all of these must have a strong military.“- Millie said that Pellagan’s budget “It simply came to our notice then.

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