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Space match for the US Open. More than five hours of deadly tennis fight

Space match for the US Open.  More than five hours of deadly tennis fight

5 hours 18 minutes – that was exactly the time for a killer marathon in the quarter-finals US Open Performed by Carlos Alcaraz and Janic Sener. In the end, after a five-set battle, the Spaniard exited this fight, although at one point he was on the verge of withdrawing. The fourth player in the world rankings to finish this year’s semi-finals. On the way to the final, he only had to beat the representative of the host team, Frances Tiafoe.

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Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals of the US Open. He defeated Spaniard Janisek Sener after a “match in space”.

The first group fell prey to Alcaraz very smoothly and nothing seemed like that Game It will turn into a long court battle. The Spaniard began to break through. Sam lost his second match for the service, but then took full control of the court. From the score 3: 2, Sinner won all games and finished the first game with the score 6: 3.

The second edition started to announce the possibility of it turning out to be a terribly long game. It was definitely more so. Both tennis players only gave a one-time break and a tie-breaker was required, which turned out to be just as tight. kafir He used the second set ball, won 9:7, the whole game 7:6, and tied it.

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We also had a tie breaker in the third set. Alcaraz needed to break four points to break the Italian and make it 3-2. He also lost his own pass in the eighth inning. At 5:5, the sinner broke again and had victory at his fingertips. But he did not keep his nerves under control. Instead of enjoying a 7-5 win, Sinner was allowed to equalize 6:6. It was all about the tiebreak. In it, the devastated Spaniard did not manage to win any business. 7:0 for Sinner and 2:1 for the whole game.

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Sinner started the next match better. He already broke in the first match. Later, both tennis players made their own service matches and it seemed like the Italian was on his way to winning overall match. But everything was turned upside down. Nerve trials this time the sinner could not stand it. From 5: 3 lost all games. The gentlemen had nearly 4 and a half hours of match time behind them, and the crucial fifth match still had to be played.

In it, Alcaraz was the first to make a mistake. He gave a break, which took Sinner to win 3-2, but since then, just like in the previous set, Sinner stopped. The Spaniard started to dominate and by the end of the group did not lose a match. The Cars won 6:3 and the full match 3:2.

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