October 18, 2021

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Spain / Genetic research on the origin of Christopher Columbus is underway

Spain / Genetic research on the origin of Christopher Columbus is underway

An international medical team that includes doctors from Spain and the United States will begin genetic testing in June to determine the origin of the sailor Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America.

University of Llorente lecturer José Antonio Llorente announced on Wednesday at a press conference in Granada that the opening scheduled for the next “two or three weeks” will constitute the resumption of research on the origin of Columbus, which was suspended 16 years ago.

Laurenti, a professor of forensic medicine in the team studying the famous roots of the seas, explained that the resumed study will be led by scientists in several fields representing five European and American laboratories dealing with genetics.

Laurente expressed his hope that the scientists will be able to complete the study within 8 weeks of research. He emphasized that there is a chance that the region of Europe from which the seas came from will be revealed on October 12, when Spain’s National Day, also known as Columbus Day, is celebrated.

The Andalusian scientist noted that despite excavation and research on three small bones from the tomb of Columbus, the study was stopped in 2005 because the research tools at that time “were incomplete.” This time, he added, the bones of the two sons of the sailor, Hernando and Diego, will be genetically examined.

“We have no guarantee that the bones that we have are sufficient material to obtain DNA and reach specific results,” he said.

Columbus was the leader of the expedition across the Atlantic Ocean, which ended in 1492, and which was the first to reach the shores of America from Europe.

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In recent decades, the sailor has been associated with a variety of assets. Some historians have claimed that it did not come from Italy, but from Mallorca, Corsica, or Spanish Galicia. Portuguese historians, in turn, claimed that the famous traveler was born in the Atlantic Madeira of the country. The basis for such a claim was the fact that Columbus lived on the neighboring island of Porto Santo and knew the excellent seas of the ocean.

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