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Spanish Defense Minister: An attack could take place at an airport in Afghanistan

Spanish Defense Minister: An attack could take place at an airport in Afghanistan

In an interview on Monday with Spain’s La Sixta TV, Robles noted that with the deadline agreed with the Taliban to leave Kabul airport on August 31, the risk of a terrorist attack is increasing.

– Both the United States and our forces expect such an attack at the airport. This kind of threat exists and is very likely, Robles said.

The head of the Defense Ministry announced that the Spanish authorities would do everything in their power to get “as many people as possible” out of Afghanistan.

By Monday afternoon, more than 550 Afghans had been accepted into the refugee center at the Torregon de Ardoz military base near Madrid, and 333 of them had already applied for political asylum in Spain.

According to the announcement of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, another 260 refugees from Afghanistan will appear in the camp near Madrid on Monday evening. The ministry specified that among the refugees already in Torrejon de Ardoz, there are approximately 70 people who have cooperated with US forces.

A spokesman for the Sohail Shaheen movement told the BBC on Monday that the Taliban were urging the Afghan people to stay in the country and help rebuild it, but would not stand in the way of people wanting to leave the country if they had the correct documents.

A Taliban spokesman said that after August 31, the deadline for Western coalition forces to leave Afghanistan, the country will still be able to leave Afghanistan on civilian planes, provided that travelers have valid passports and visas.

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“We want Afghans to stay in the country, but if they intend to leave, they will be able to,” Shaheen said.

The spokesman for the Taliban, which seized control of Afghanistan on August 15, repeated his previous warnings to the BBC that extending the Western military presence beyond the end of August “would have consequences”. But he did not elaborate on these words, adding that the Taliban leaders will decide on specific actions.

US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the US-controlled Kabul airport is accelerating, but he did not rule out extending it beyond August 31. This date was set as a deadline for the US withdrawal from the country, even before the Taliban took power.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced on Monday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will persuade US President Joe Biden to leave US forces in Kabul after August 31. Without support, the more than 6,000 US soldiers currently stationed at the airport, the evacuation must complete, Wallace said.

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