July 27, 2021

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Spas will benefit from NFZ's 2022 budget. Waiting lists...

Spas will benefit from NFZ’s 2022 budget. Waiting lists…

112 billion PLN will be the budget of the National Health Fund in 2022. This is 6.8 percent. More than in the 2021 plan. This is due to an increase in revenue from health insurance premiums. In 2021, it was PLN 95.3 billion, compared to PLN 89.7 billion in 2019. The Ministry of Finance estimates that in 2022, the premium revenue will reach PLN 105.5 billion. And although the financial plan for the next year looks good at first glance, it is not so good after its detailed analysis from the patients’ point of view.

There is growth but is it enough?

W 2020 p. On the costs of health care services to the National Health Fund PLN 98 billion spent, PLN 98.6 billion is scheduled for 2021 In 2022, 105.4 billion. It’s just that if we look at the percentage, it won’t look that good anymore. The increase in benefits spending in 2020 compared to 2018, was 8.8%. Let us remind you that the lockdown is more than six months old, and planned entries have been suspended. This year, the National Health Fund plans to spend just 0.6 percent on subsidies. More than 2020, because there was also a closure and an unknown, 12 deputies from the civil coalition from the Parliamentary Health Committee, this does not look good, so they abstained from voting on a positive opinion about the plan. The committee passed it by 14 PiS votes, which does not mean, however, that the plan is good

Waiting lists for professionals will not be shortened

Most importantly, in 2022 it is planned 54.6 billion PLN for hospitalization. It’s about 10.4 percent. More than in 2021, but about 2.5 billion PLN less than the original plan. Unfortunately There is no such increase in specialized outpatient care (AOS). Spending on it to reach 6.8 billion PLN. That’s 6.8 percent. More than 2021, when 6.4 billion PLN are planned. It is as of July 1, restrictions on specialists have been lifted, and even Boleslav Pesha, a parliamentarian in the PiS, former deputy health minister, doubts whether it is about 7 per cent. Growth is enough. Bernard Waco, the National Health Trust’s vice president for medical matters, is convinced. –Because of the epidemic, the performance of contracts in the first half of this year has been lower, so there are already some provisions for financing surplus limits. In addition, in the 2021 budget, we planned an increase of PLN 200 million for the second half of the year – says Waco. It is very important to point out that For several years, although there are formal boundaries, there are practically no boundaries. The fund actually pays 100 percent. For every misconduct of all entities. We do not have any arrears with respect to service providers for previous years – confirms the Vice President of the National Health Fund. This means that It was loudly declared by Adam Nidzelsky, the Minister of Health, that the release of restrictions on specialists and shortening of waiting lists is a purely promotional game.. The queues will not decrease because the number of doctors will not increase. It will be profitable for them to work privately, where there are better wages and better quality of work. – says Wojciech Wiśniewski, health expert at the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs. In order for institutions that have contracts with the National Health Fund to attract specialists, the evaluation of services must be increased. Then the real entity will get more money and can offer better remuneration than the non-public entity, thus attracting new doctors. Wiśniewski . confirms this Without increased evaluation, staffing would not increase, and as you can see, the National Health Fund was already paying all admitted patients beyond their planned schedule. It is better not to rely on increasing ratings. Sławomir Gadomski, Deputy Minister of Health, at the meeting of the Parliamentary Health Committee dedicated to hospital reform, that the assessments are not a problem, because if they are underestimated, every entity will have financial problems. He only acknowledged that there are certain sets of benefits that need to be validated and that this work is ongoing.

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Where would it be better

However, there are areas in healthcare where a lot of money has been allocated. In the first class resort care. In 2022, the National Health Fund plans to spend 30.5 percent on it. More than in 2021. In 2021, it is planned for only 924 million PLN, and in 2022 it will reach 1.2 billion PLN. – It is very good that the expenses of a spa treatment will increase by up to PLN 281 million – as assessed by Marek Hök, KO MP and doctor. – During the pandemic, it is in great demand, we have many people who have to rehabilitate after contracting the virus, but also many patients who did not go to sanatorium because of the epidemic – Rep. Hook said. He draws attention to two significant increases in spending: for long-term care – an increase from 2 billion PLN to 2.2 billion PLN, and medicines for people over 75 years old. In 2022, the NHF will spend more than 1 billion PLN on reimbursing medicines for the elderly, i.e. 6%. over a year ago. In 2020, the state added 735 million PLN to its medicines. – This is an important and good program that I discovered myself recently. Four days ago I was at the pharmacy, and in front of me was a prescription filled by an old man. The list of drugs was very long, but he paid only 102 PLN, because he received a discount of up to 705 PLN – said Huck.

Health spending as a percentage of GDP

But experts and lawmakers point to another problem with the National Health Fund’s financial plan. According to art. 131c of the Healthcare Services Act (the so-called 6% Act), healthcare spending in 2022 should reach 4.45%. GDP for 2020. As Vice President Waiko admits, it means that In 2022, Poland should spend 129 billion PLN on health. However, the NHF will spend only 112 billion PLN from the budget. The remaining 17 billion PLN will be money outside the National Health Fund. Meanwhile, Magorzata Sobotka-Gazka of Lazarsky University confirms this Money that goes into the system outside the National Health Fund does not directly improve the availability of services. Wojciech Wiśniewski has no doubt that only money channeled through the National Health Fund can realistically improve the situation in health care. For this to be the case, some 17 billion zlotys must go to the National Health Fund in the form of a targeted subsidy. In 2021, 2.5 billion zlotys were transferred to the National Health Fund in this way, and in 2022 not a single zloty will be allocated. This is what the Minister of Health decided in June. As Vice President Waśko explains, data for prior years show action thresholds of 6 percent. It has been exceeded, there is no shortage. Wojciech Wiśniewski looks at it differently. – The NFZ financial plan for 2022 clearly shows that the 6 percent law. It does not work because it funds health services الخدماتIt does not increase its availability. According to forecasts, an additional 9 billion PLN should go to the National Health Fund this year. This amount would double the cost of AOS and cancer treatment. These are two important areas, because in the event of a pandemic many people stop or do not start treatment, the diagnosis of tumors is at a later stage, which makes treatment more expensive. And here real money is needed. However, it is not included in the NHF financial plan, This is not a good plan in the post-pandemic period Wiśniewski summarizes.

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