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Speed ​​Skating World Cup: Fifth place for the Polish women’s team in the United States

The Polish women reached the time of 2.58.263, which is not worse than the national record – 2.58.01. Canadians – 2.52,412 and Dutch – 2.52,692, however, could not be defeated. The Russians were ahead of Poland by 2.56,220 and Norway by 2.56,794.

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Earlier on Saturday, in the 500m run, Antelika Wozniacki won, sometimes breaking the Poland record of 36.775. Then, the 25-year-old competitor also doubled the best result in the country’s history – 1.14.091, but this only gave him 15th place. Japanese winner, Miho Takagi – 1.11.834.

Hosts representative Joey Montia won the 1500m, without the participation of the Poles – 1.41,154. In turn, in the race from the joint start, the Belgian Bart Swings became the best, and Order Janicki and Spikneu Protka did not qualify for the final.

The Salt Lake City competition, which ends on Sunday, is the final chance to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. The last chance will be in Calgary next weekend.



    500 m - grupa A
 1. Andżelika Wójcik (Polska)             36,775
 2. Angelina Golikowa (Rosja)             36,786
 3. Olga Fatkulina (Rosja)                36,937
12. Kaja Ziomek (Polska)                  37,394

    500 m - grupa B
 1. Jekatierina Ajdowa (Kazachstan)       37,558
 6. Karolina Bosiek (Polska)              37,928
28. Natalia Jabrzyk (Polska)              40,052

    1000 m - grupa A
 1. Miho Takagi (Japonia)               1.11,834
 2. Jutta Leerdam (Holandia)            1.12,254
 3. Brittany Bowe (USA)                 1.12,608
15. Andżelika Wójcik (Polska)           1.14,091
17. Karolina Bosiek (Polska)            1.14,564

    wyścig drużynowy
 1. Kanada                              2.52,412
(Valerie Maltais, Ivanie Blondin, Isabelle Weidemann)
 2. Holandia                            2.52,692
(Ireen Wuest, Melissa Wijfje, Irene Schouten)
 3. Rosja                               2.56,220
(Jelizawieta Gołubiewa, Natalia Woronina, Jewgienia Łalenkowa)
 4. Norwegia                            2.56,794
 5. Polska                              2.58,263
(Natalia Czerwonka, Karolina Bosiek, Magdalena Czyszczoń)


    1500 m - grupa A
 1. Joey Mantia (USA)                   1.41,154
 2. Zhongyan Ning (Chiny)               1.41,386
 3. Thomas Krol (Holandia)              1.41,892

    wyścig ze startu wspólnego
 1. Bart Swings (Belgia)
 2. Viktor Hald Thorup (Dania)
 3. Rusłan Zacharow (Rosja)
  . Artur Janicki (Polska)    odpadł w półfinale
  . Zbigniew Bródka (Polska)  odpadł w półfinale


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