July 28, 2021

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Spent $28 million.  For a trip into space with Bezos.  He won't fly because... he has other plans then

Spent $28 million. For a trip into space with Bezos. He won’t fly because… he has other plans then

The one who sold for $28 million. Space trip with Jeff Bezos just quit. reason? She was busy that day and wouldn’t find time to travel with the richest man in the world. In this place, the billionaire will take the young 18-year-old from Holland.

iflscience.com informs about the case. An anonymous bidder bid on everyone and paid $28 million for the trip with Bezos. The launch of the Blue Origin ship is planned Next Tuesday, July 20.

It turns out that the auction winner has other plans that day and it’s impossible to go into space The creator, and until recently, the head of Amazon, and his brother, who will also be on board. Perhaps his trip will be postponed to another day.

The Unknown Millionaire will be replaced by 18-year-old Oliver Damon. The Dutchman will also be the youngest participant in space travel in history.

Iflscience.com reports that Oliver is the son of Joes Daemen, who is Hedge fund manager Somerset Capital Partners.

This is Oliver’s real dream. He finished his studies in 2020 and decided to take a year off before starting his studies. From September, he will be a student at Utrecht University – said the father of the future traveler.

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