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Stal Mielec – Pogoń Szczecin. The porters achieved victory by throwing them at the tape

Stal Mielec - Pogoń Szczecin.  The porters achieved victory by throwing them at the tape

Already in the 19th minute it should be 0: 1. At that time, Luis Mata perfectly placed the ball in the opponent’s penalty area to Sebastian Kowalczyk, and, in an ideal position to score, missed the goal.

Five minutes later, Marcin Fleiss hit a beautiful but inaccurate shot from distance. A few dozen seconds later, Maksymilian Sitek was about to score, but Dante Stipica was on the post.

While the match was well balanced in the first half, Porter had a clear advantage from the first minute of the second.

In the 62nd minute, after Pogo’s free kick, a huge confusion arose in Milchan’s penalty area. In the end, Jakub Bartkowski’s shot was intuitively defended by Rafai Strechek.

In the 77th minute, Strączek was already incapacitated, but was replaced by Mateusz yro, who was almost on the goal line after a Gian Carlos Silva shot.

When it looked like Stal would be able to win by one point, Wahan Bichachjjan scored in overtime. After his shot from about 20 meters away, the goalkeeper of Milik interfered so badly that the ball fell into the net.

PGE FKS Stal Mielec – Pogoń Szczecin 0:1 (0:0)

Objectives: 0:1 Wahan Bichechjan (90 + 3).

yellow cards: PGE FKS Stal Mielec: Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz. Bojoi Szczecin: Sebastian Kowalczyk, Kamil Drigas, Damien Debrowski, Luka Zahovic.

PGE FKS Stal Mielec: Rafał Strączek – Mateusz Schiro, Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz, Bozidar Kzorbadjsky, Marcin Flis, Christian Gettinger-Maximilian Setek, Mateusz Matras, Grzegorz Tomasewicz (86. Albin Granlund), Maciej Dominsky (74.) .

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Bogon Szczecin: Dante Stepica – Jakub Bartkowski, Igor Saski, Benedict Zek (43. Bowie Stolarsky), Luis Mata – Mateusz Ojoski (90 + 1. Marius Vornalczyk), Damian Dibrovsky, Sebastian Kowalczyk (75. Wahan Biczachczkzkzk (90+) Rafai Kurzawa ), Luca Zahovic (75. Jean Carlos Silva), Camille Groske.

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