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STALKER 2 promises to be cool, but the game should be approached with caution

STALKER 2 promises to be cool, but the game should be approached with caution

I won’t fool anyone – the market currently lacks addictive post-apocalyptic titles. Or differently: there are a lot of them, but due to the fact that some of them set the standards very high in previous years, other productions of this type seem shallow. I always wait with my tongue hanging for the next versions of the Metro brand and it was no different with Metro Exodus, which, due to its dense atmosphere, occupied a large space in my heart.

Radiant Stalker 2

During this year – in my opinion – the very miserable “players’ holiday” (or E3 2021), Chernobyl or Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl, two games depicting the devastated world from the inside, which we will be able to visit in the future, in more detail. Today we will not focus on the location of the house in The Farm, but we will deal with STALKER 2, compared to the story of Artyom, who in 2019, together with the order SPARTY, left the Moscow metro in order to look for a new home for his loved ones.

After the reveal of the trailer and gameplay from the latest production of the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, the entire community of players went crazy. If you haven’t turned off chat at a Microsoft event, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Those interested could not hide their enthusiasm, which is also confirmed by the number of views under the material promoting the game – there are certainly more of them, for example, the Starfield trailer or A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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I must admit that Stalker II looks amazing. The amount of detail in the game log is pressed into the armchair (you can even look at the dirt next to the guitar strings carried by a companion on the left), as well as the layouts of the sites shown, although we have to be careful about this, because it happened in many Sometimes the creators chose the most polished areas for promotion, and hid the ones that looked much worse, and insidious. It is enough to recall, for example, the situation with Crackdown 3.

On the other hand, the photos look pretty good to me. STALKER 2 will only come to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, but I can’t accept that Ukrainian developers’ production will look good for one simple reason: GSC Game World has had a lot of problems in recent years.

The second incarnation of GSC Game World?

In case you didn’t know, this studio collapsed in 2011 and was revived at the end of 2014. To get started, they created a production called Cossacks 3 – an RTS to challenge brands like Age of Empires. In fact, nothing came of it, because the strategy was hit by the lack of functions and mechanisms previously promised to the parties involved. There were no big bloody battles of several thousand units, because even a few hundred even with a powerful computer calculated the so-called “slack” and threw it on the desktop.

In the negative reviews, there were also words related to improvement and visuals, two elements that did not go hand in hand this time. The third part of the shoe looked cute, and at the same time could stutter at the strangest moments. In short: Cossacks 3, released in 2016, was a pretty bad game, and GSC Game World certainly wasn’t happy with what was released.

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This is why I’m so scared of STALKER 2, which at this stage of development already looks like a brick candidate for the 2022 game. The game log that was given literally a few days ago is causing puppies to drop, you can’t find any FPS drops In it and everything looks very beautiful – apart from the animation of the weapon, which does not move at all when the main character is launched. Where is the recoil of the gun?

Let’s catch our breath

There’s nothing to be expected, because I don’t think Microsoft has the guts to eagerly promote some of the gaming industry’s biggest scams. There is a lot of pressure on our eastern neighbors and I keep my fingers crossed because their project is what they show. It allows them to move up to a higher league and challenge other big video game teams, so I hope they can do that. However – I am currently approaching STALKER 2 with some caution and am waiting for opinions about it from third parties who have the opportunity to see the above production appear on the web.

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