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Stanisław Lem – BBC science and fiction production document in . format

Elbląg, ,,Stanisław Lem – nauka i wyobraźnia" dokument produkcji BBC w Bibliotece Elbląskiej

The Elbląg Library invites you to view the BBC production document: “Stanisław Lem – Science and fiction” by Adam Ustynowicz and to present the presentation inspired by Lem’s work, organized as part of the LemPress International Typographic Project. Wednesday, October 20, 6:00 p.m., “At St. of the Spirit.

– In my school years, everyone read, understood and remembered Lem. For us, Stanisław Lim was a genius and a free mind who awakened in us a passion for scientific perception, and at the same time a desire to look at our earthly problems from a cosmic perspective. From a thirty-year perspective, it can be seen that most of the great writer’s concerns about the effects of technological development have been confirmed, and almost all hopes for improving the world remain in the field of science fiction. With the extraordinary acceleration in the development of new technologies, Stanisław Lem’s predictions rejoice with its incredible vision, brilliance and accuracy – says the film’s author, Adam Ustynowicz, of his take on Lem’s work.

A portrait of 70-year-old Polish novelist Stanisław Lem, shot in 1990 for the BBC, by many considered the world’s greatest science fiction writer. The author of the cult science fiction novel Solaris is a trained scientist and MD, equally skilled in the fields of philosophy, cybernetics, and genetics. The writer, unlike many of his colleagues in science fiction, believes that “reality is immeasurably more wonderful than all the fruits of the only human imagination.” Lem is a provocative and original philosopher of science who has made astonishingly accurate predictions of the evolution of technologies and their impact on society. His first interview for British audiences covers a wide range: he talks about the happy years of his childhood and the dramatic fate of war, his first writing career, and some unusual theories about the future of man. Stanislaw Lim amaze with his erudition, wit and rotten sense of humor, which makes meeting him a fascinating intellectual adventure and a journey through the world of his imagination – according to BBC material on Stanislaw Lim – Science and Imagination:

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Directed by Adam Ustinovich

Cinematography: Ryszard Lenczewski

Sound: Jerzy Blaczynski

Editing: Nick Peto,

Musica: Jay Sigsworth

Series Producer: Roger Thompson

Publisher: Nigel Williams

Production management: Pawe Rakowski, Robert Gruszczyński, Ann Barr, Marianna Kuśnierz, Edward Tobiszewski,

“Stanislaw Lim – Science and Imagination” premiered on 13 November 1991 on BBC 2 “The Reference”.

The documentary was awarded Best Artist Picture at the 1994 Montreal International Film Festival for the Arts, and was also included in the art film collection of the Louvre, France.

According to the son of Stanisław Lim-Tomash, this is the only cinematic image that his father liked.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition inspired by the author’s works LemPress International Printing Project. It is a display of posters prepared by print studios from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain using traditional printing techniques, using movable wood and metal fonts.

The event is part of the Year of Lem, announced for the writer’s 100th birthday.

The Elbląg Library partners during the organization of the event are:

Historical and Archaeological Museum in Elblig And Regional Public Library in

Elbląg Cyprien Norroid Library

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