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Starlink over Poland. Unusual scenery in the sky

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites will again appear in the skies over Poland. This extraordinary space train that the company is responsible for Elon MuskIt will appear twice in one evening.

The entire row of satellites will be visible on April 30, 2022. Like We read On the Nocne Niebo website, this is the effect of putting another bundle of hardware into orbit to provide internet directly from satellites. The latest Starlink package is marked with the number G4-16 and consists of up to 53 devices. In total, there are 2,203 Starlink satellites in orbit.

Starlink satellites over Poland – when will they be visible?

On Saturday, April 30, there will be two satellite flights starlink over Poland. The first one will start at 20:52. Then Starlinki will appear in the western part of the sky and fly east. From most places in the country, the space train’s track will run almost perfectly from west to east.

The second flight will depart on Saturday at 22:26. Starlinki will again appear in the western sky, will rise above the horizon and move east. At this time, it should be clearly visible throughout the country, since then the sky is completely dark. The journey will take approximately 3 minutes.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at Gadgetomania

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