July 28, 2021

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Starlinki over Poland in two days.  When and how do you watch?  What is the Musk Space Train?

Starlinki over Poland in two days. When and how do you watch? What is the Musk Space Train?

Starlinki, also known as the space train Ilona Mosca |, will appear over Poland several times in July. However, data from findstarlink.com shows that it is best to see at the beginning of the month. One of these flights took place on Friday, July 2, and the next one will take place on Monday, July 5. According to the above website, it is worth looking at the sky 2:39 AM on July 5 Polish time. Starlinki should be visible in the southwest for about six minutes.

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Starlink – what is it?

starlinky They are satellites sent into orbit by SpaceX, which is owned by Elon Musk. They are launched into space by Falcon 9 rockets. According to plans, up to twelve thousand of them will reach orbit. To date, 1,500 have been launched. The first series entered orbit on May 24, 2019.

Starlink satellite – what does it look like?

In recent days, an interesting phenomenon can be observed in the sky: a row of glowing dots steadily moving across the sky. This is how you can describe the flight of the Starlink satellites in a nutshell. The space train can be seen virtually anywhere – even in the middle of a big city.

The first generation Starlink satellite weighs about 260 kg. Its structure is compact and resembles a cuboid. Thanks to this, a one-time launch of the Falcon 9 rocket allows the installation of up to 60 satellites. The power source is instead provided by Solar Panels.

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Starlink over Poland – how to watch?

The high brightness of the satellites allows them to be monitored from anywhere in Poland. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make things easier.

  1. The observation site should be free from strong light sources (it can be, for example, a park, a beach or a forest).
  2. Being in the chosen place, you should get used to the dark (avoid looking at bright light sources, do not use a smartphone).
  3. To determine the time of a Starlink group flight on a particular night, use From the paintings available online Or use a smartphone app, such as Find Starlink Satellites. Available search engines show that starlinks flight from Poland can be seen almost every day.

Starlink satellites always move from west to east. Depending on the time elapsed since the launch of the satellites, the cluster may be somewhat compact, and may also have a different brightness (depending on the altitude of the orbit in which it is located).

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Starlink Satellite – Dimensions and Other Important Information

The Starlink satellite is equipped with a Hall ion engine. Their communication payload consists of four phased array antennas and two parabolic antennas. Other groups of satellites will additionally be equipped with lasers for communication between satellites.

Starlink uses data from US Department of Defense space debris and can independently decide to conduct collision avoidance maneuvers. Both satellites are designed to last for five years. At the end of its “life”, the satellite will be out of orbit and burn up in the atmosphere within a few months.

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Starlink 5G, or what is the purpose of sending Starlink into orbit?

Starlink is a network of satellites placed in low Earth orbit. They are sent there to provide low-latency Internet access services. The need for such services exists in those parts of the world where there is currently limited access to ground connections.

Starlink: Satellite Internet in Poland

In conclusion, the company owned by the world’s richest man aims to deliver Internet Wireless to every corner of the world. Internet from the Sarlink system will also be available in Poland – in 2021. However, it may turn out to be a taboo. price: the subscription should be 450 PLN per month, and the cost of the necessary equipment (about 2300 PLN) and shipping (about 280 PLN) should also be added. Therefore, it seems correct to note that Internet comic = a cosmic price.

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