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Staroguard Gdansky. Learning by Experimenting

Staroguard Gdansky.  Learning by Experimenting

The learning equipment will be delivered to schools in Starogard later this year. They will be among others 3D printers, soldering stations, kits with microcontrollers, robots, cameras and recording equipment.

The equipment will support students in developing their talents related to new technologies, digitalization or robotics. For its purchase, the city received more than 1.2 million PLN from the government program called Future Labs aims to learn through experience.

I am pleased that all Starogard primary schools have signed up for the programme. As a result, more than 4,000 students will use the modern equipment purchased for the Laboratories of the Future. This will certainly help them to acquire new skills, including critical thinking, creativity, communication or collaboration and will stimulate their willingness for continuous development and readiness for new challenges. Vice President Maciej Kalinowski said I believe that any money spent on buying science aids for the development of future generations is money well spent.

Future Labs is an educational initiative implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the GovTech Center in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. The main task is to create a modern school where classes are conducted in a more interesting, practical and attractive way, conducive to the discovery of their talents and the development of their interests.

Six laboratories will be built in the future at Starogard Gdański. For the purchase of their equipment, the city received a maximum total of 1,287,000 PLN. About 4,300 students will be supported. School administrators will decide what equipment will be purchased for schools within the allocated funds.

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The equipment will appear in schools later this year. Each participating organization must spend 60% of the support it receives by December 31, 2021

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