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Stars in formal wear on the last day of the Gdynia Film Festival: Margaret, Veronica Rosati, Joanna Obozda (photos)

Stars in formal wear on the last day of the Gdynia Film Festival: Margaret, Veronica Rosati, Joanna Obozda (photos)

Monday started The 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. This annual event is definitely one of the biggest Polish industry events for people associated with cinema.

Saturday was the last day of the festival during which prizes were awarded. The wall was also filled with ornate stars, who, seizing the opportunity, willingly stood before the lenses of the throngs of photojournalists.

On this day, you can not miss the red edition, among others Veronica Rosati if Joanna Obozda. While the former decided Rustic lace designand the second was presented in Satin with train.

As she came to the party Margaret. The singer ditched the elegant dress in favor of Original set in houndstoothShe completed it with overly high platforms, knee-length socks, and a wide headband.

Find out who appeared at the closing ceremony of the festival. What “look” do you like the most?

They all look awful

Rosati and Obuzda are definitely the most beautiful of Margaritka

The number is trying hard to be the country’s biggest leniency, although the standard is high

Be realistic folks!!!! dressed up???? stars ??? You were taken away

Joanna looks the best of them all, beautiful dress

Recent Comments (112)

Opozda came to admire the stars. But they looked the best with Boczrska.

Margaret is a bit like Kate Moss

You know times like this that these stars or celebrities don’t make me happy or even care about anything

Boczarska is very feminine and elegant. super hair

My eyes are bleeding. I wish I had seen that.

Kasia Figura looks interesting, Marguerite is original as always, beautiful Opozda classics, Rosati are interesting.

Joanna is like a star. BB is awesome.

Whirki’s dress does not fit at all with her type of beauty. Margaret in Rehab!!!!

Margaret should see a specialist. I think depression eats it. I pity the young man

Among these ladies, the best is Opozda, then Rosati and Bohosiewicz.

They don’t like to walk on the green or what???

I like Margaret the most, she didn’t wear like all of them, Rosati, those Communion sleeves.

It’s great to have our own red carpet and a great festival. Bravo to all the artists who attended the festival because they were the best films.

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